Innovation: Designing a New Model of Care

We’re working hard every day to plan not only what our new campus will look and feel like, but how care will be delivered to each and every patient.  We’re devoted to providing a world class facility while at the same time being innovative in the way we deliver care.  In our new model of care we are looking at delivering care in an “Unplanned” and “Planned” setting.  The concept is to keep these two areas separate to provide better, more efficient care according to patient needs.  Unplanned care in our model would consist of emergency visits, labor and delivery and/or unexpected surgeries.  Planned care in an “ambulatory” setting would consist of minor procedures and diagnostic work, cancer treatments, and/or an office visit to a specialist such as a urologist in one of our clinics.  Keeping the “unplanned” and “planned” worlds as separate as possible will enable us to deliver more efficient care to each of our patients.

Using a shared vision and our guiding principles, we want to design a new model of care for our community that:

  1. Improves quality, safety and cost effectiveness of care
  2. Provides access to specialists and subspecialists to treat severe illnesses and complex cases
  3. Provides the right care, at the right time, in the right place
  4. Easy access / Treat earlier
  5. Train future clinicians
  6. Conduct leading edge research


A New Model of Care

From Our Team

"It's quite a learning experience. We are looking at future volumes and planning for patient-centric care."

-Cardiologist Mohan Shenoy, MD

"Today, we're challenged with determining what healthcare innovation looks like."

-Urologist Dean Lenz, MD

"We are drilling down and uncovering pearls."

-Ted Jackson, MBA RRT, Director of Pulmonary and Radiology Services