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PE Without Boundaries

Welcome to PE Without Boundaries, an innovative program that amplifies physical education and wellness education for high school students.

If this is your first time on the site, we’d love to tell you more about the program and its demonstrated success within the Indianapolis Public School System. When you are ready, you can take the first steps in integrating PE Without Boundaries into your current curriculum to ensure you have the greatest impact during class and promote healthy, active lifestyles beyond the gymnasium walls as well.

Goals of PE Without Boundaries

The overarching goal of "PE Without Boundaries" is to motivate high school students, within the school system, to become physically active and healthy so that these habits can be maintained throughout their lives. These goals will be accomplished through the following core strategies that address all six physical education components that will help students meet the National and Indiana State Standards for Physical Education. To accomplish this, "PE Without Boundaries" focuses on the following strategies:

  • Provide instruction, support, and equipment to enable students to participate in physical activity and therefore increase their ability to attain state standards for Physical Education.
  • Provide professional development to physical education teachers; and
  • Make the program fully sustainable after the three-year grant period by integrating PE Without Boundaries into the high school Physical Education curriculum.

Physical Education Curriculum framework

  • Engage students in at least 225 minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) each week.
  • Implement a Year Long Physical Education Curriculum Enhancement and participate in 10 Lessons on Healthy Living Presentations.
  • Enhance school equipment to support physical activity and fitness education.
  • Project Evaluation (data collection, surveys, assessments)
  • Instruction in a variety of motor skills designed to enhance child and adolescent development
  • Fitness education and assessment that allows for understanding and improvement of physical well-being.
  • Development of cognitive concepts related to motor skills and fitness
  • Opportunities to improve social and cooperative skills
  • Opportunities to increase the value placed on physical activity for health, enjoyment, self-expression, and confidence.