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For Patients

There are multiple benefits for patients, families and our community. Magnet designated hospitals consistently outperform non-magnet hospitals. Magnet stands for the safest and best care available. Magnet hospitals deliver better clinical outcomes, quicker recovery, and excellent care that centers around patient needs.

The following benefits of Magnet designation have been defined from independent research. Magnet hospitals:

  • Consistently outperform non-magnet organizations
  • Deliver better patient outcomes
  • Nurses are able to spend more time at the bedside of patients
  • Patients have shorter lengths of stay
  • Have lower patient mortality rates
  • Have lower incidence of needle stick injuries
  • Experience increased nurse retention and recruitment rates
  • Report lower rates of nurse burnout and higher rates of job satisfaction
  • Report higher patient satisfaction rates

Here at Indiana University Health, our nurses spend more time at patients' bedsides providing compassionate, expert care. Nurses are the primary source of help and support for patients at the most vulnerable times in their lives. Our Synergy professional model of nursing care empowers nurses to provide the best care. You can be sure that IU Health nurses have the support, autonomy and the tools they need to do their work well.

"Patient care is Magnet's highest priority . . . day and night. You won't just hear about quality from a Magnet organization, you'll experience it." (American Nurses Credentialing Center)

For Nurses

Magnet status is the gold standard - the ultimate recognition of the key role nurses play in delivering the safest and best care. Magnet nurses represent the best of the best; they love what they do and have a passion for patient care that is contagious. That passion translates into better outcomes - for patients, the hospital and the community. IU Health nurses are passionate about their work.

Today, research proves that Magnet organizations attract and retain outstanding nurses. In turn, high-quality nurses help hospitals attract top-notch physicians and other health care professionals. IU Health is committed to being the best place to work by offering opportunities for personal and professional growth and learning. Our career advancement program for nurses encourages lifelong learning opportunities and rewards professional development activities through three levels of advancement. In addition, we have incorporated Sanctuaries of Healing on nursing units for staff to rejuvenate themselves spiritually and emotionally.

For Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals

Magnet organizations have transformed the hospital environment, fostering innovative, patient-focused initiatives and raising the bar on patient care. Physicians, nurses and staff work collaboratively, creating a magnetic culture in which new ideas and excellent work practices thrive.

Magnet recognizes the value of a successful healthcare team. Every member is essential to achieving the best patient outcome and experience. Doctors and nurses know they're working with the best team; team members know that they are respected for their professional competence. Again, that translates into better outcomes overall - for patients, the hospital and the community. Research documents that one of the most important attributes in attracting high-quality physicians is the presence of high-quality nurses.