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American Nurses Credentialing Center Designations

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) developed the Magnet Recognition Program® and Pathway to Excellence Program® to recognize nursing excellence and high-quality clinical outcomes for patients. The benefits for facilities that receive these designations include:

  • Attract and retain top nurses
  • Improve patient care and satisfaction
  • Increase patient safety
  • Encourage a culture of professional collaboration
  • Enhance nursing standards and practice

Magnet Designation

IU Health is part of an elite group of hospitals with Magnet designation. Fewer than 450 hospitals nationwide have earned Magnet status. To achieve this prestigious designation, hospitals must demonstrate an exceptional practice environment for nurses and meet high standards for quality care and experience.

The following IU Health hospitals have received this prestigious recognition:

Pathway to Excellence Designation                       

The Pathway to Excellence Program recognizes hospitals that have demonstrated a positive practice environment where nurses are equipped to provide the very best patient care and grow their career as professional nurses. Patients who seek care at Pathway to Excellence facilities will receive best-in-class care from some of the very best nurses in the country. IU Health Bedford Hospital has received the Pathway to Excellence designation.

Benefits of Professional Nursing Designations

The ANCC only bestows the Magnet designation and Pathway to Excellence designation upon hospitals with nurses who have demonstrated exemplary care and meet the highest professional standards. These nationally recognized designations provide benefits not just for patients but also for the nurses themselves and other healthcare providers.

Benefits For Patients

Patients who receive care at a professionally designated nursing hospital get the very best care.

U.S.News & World Report uses the Magnet designation as a primary competency indicator in their assessment of almost 5,000 hospitals to rank and report the top hospitals. The Magnet program works to advance three main goals within recipient organizations:

  • Promote quality in a facility that supports professional practice
  • Identify excellence in facilities that deliver nursing services to patients
  • Advance best practices in nursing

Pathway to Excellence facilities provide top-notch patient care in an environment where nurses are appreciated and supported. Patients who receive care at these facilities can rest assured that they are being attended to by some of the very best nursing staff in the country.

Benefits For Nurses

Magnet status is the gold standard—the ultimate recognition of the key role nurses play in delivering the safest and best care. Nurses who work at Magnet facilities are part of an elite group. They love what they do and have a passion for patient care that is contagious.

Magnet and Pathway to Excellence organizations attract and retain outstanding nurses by providing positive practice environments where nurses excel. Nurses can expect that these top-rated hospitals:

  • Respect their professional contributions
  • Support their professional development
  • Provide optimal work settings

Benefits For Other Healthcare Providers

Healthcare professionals who work at Magnet and Pathway to Excellence organizations work with the best nursing teams. These organizations transform the hospital environment by fostering innovative, patient-focused initiatives and raising the bar on patient care.

The ANCC is a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association (ANA).