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Product and Vendor Selection Process

Indiana University Health supports Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contracts when they provide a superior cost advantage over IU Health's ability to negotiate on its own.

IU Health strives to standardize products to a single product choice while maintaining or improving patient outcomes.

Where considered to be in the best interest of IU Health, IU Health Supply Chain Operations will issue a request for information, a proposal or a quotation. Requests may be issued before or after clinical evaluation of a product or service. Once the request is returned to IU Health, it is the responsibility of IU Health Supply Chain Operations or its designee to review the request and determine if a vendor should be selected based on criteria outlined. A vendor's failure to complete the request as specified could result in elimination from consideration.

IU Health, as a federal contractor, is subject to compliance of the executive orders related to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). As part of this compliance, IU Health requires its vendors to be in compliance with the same EEO rules and regulations. These include 11246 Equal Employment Opportunity, 11701 Employment of Disabled Veterans and Veterans of the Vietnam Era, 11625 Utilization of Minority Business Enterprises, and 11758 Employment of the Disabled.

IU Health, as a federal contractor, will not contract with any entity listed by a federal agency as excluded, debarred, suspended or otherwise ineligible to participate in federal programs.

Only IU Health Supply Chain Operations is authorized to make purchases/contracts on behalf of IU Health for all goods and services other than food items and regulated pharmacy products. Vendors are not authorized to accept any order (verbal, telephone, telefax or written) unless an official purchase order is authorized and assigned by IU Health Supply Chain Operations.

All sales representatives bringing supplies or equipment into IU Health facilities without authorization from the purchasing department should consider all such items as a contribution/donation to IU Health.

Items brought to IU Health must have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval unless participating in an Institutional Review Boards (IRB) approved research project. Proof of FDA approval is required upon selection of the product for evaluation or use. It is the vendor's responsibility not to market the supply, equipment, or device for any other purpose than supported by the FDA.

All electrical devices must be evaluated for electrical safety by clinical engineering before being placed in service.