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Shipping & Invoicing Protocols

All items shipped to Indiana University Health will have a detailed packing list located in a prominent location on the shipping container. Included on this packing list will be the purchase order number. IU Health will not accept or be responsible for items shipped without this information.

IU Health will not be responsible for shipments that have not been signed for by a receiving department representative or IU Health employee. IU Health will not be responsible for items that are not delivered and received through the designated receiving docks. IU Health will also not be responsible for shipments delivered to any area that is not covered by a IU Health purchase order. Emergency deliveries are to be made to the address specified by the buyer when the order is placed.

Items received that were not ordered, shipped in error, defective or inconsistent with specifications in packaging or operations outlined in the purchase order will be returned at the vendor's expense. All returns will be documented by IU Health Supply Chain Operations to ensure credit is received.

IU Health has a corporate partnership with UPS, and vendors are strongly encouraged to utilize UPS for all shipping. For further information, please contact IU Health Supply Chain Operations.

All invoices must be submitted to the IU Health accounting department and identified by a IU Health purchase order number. Invoices sent to IU Health without sufficient information will not be processed but returned to the vendor along with a letter of explanation. For questions regarding invoicing, please contact Accounts Payable.

All consignment items should be delivered with a set sheet itemizing all parts included when delivered to IU Health.