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EAP: Affiliate Counselors

IU Health EAP has a large number of counselors within our provider network.  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate counselor for IU Health EAP, please contact us at 317.962.8001 and request to speak to one of our counselors. We will screen your credentials and experience and once we determine it is a good fit, we will send you an affiliate packet to complete. Once received, we will complete a credentialing process and ask that you participate in our onboarding affiliate training program unique to IU Health EAP.

Our EAP works with a myriad of life concerns. These concerns interrupt and interfere with daily functioning and work life balance. We also see those struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety and severe problems. We welcome the expertise of our approved affiliate counselors to assist with a variety of client needs.

IU Health EAP offers short-term solution focused counseling for our clients. We do not offer long term behavioral health counseling services.

As an affiliate you will be provided the necessary knowledge for our paperwork, billing and quality of service expectations.  We do try to keep it simple. We have a short turnaround time for payment to our affiliates once we receive an invoice. We also assist you by phone when seeing our clients to answer questions, provide case management and other services alongside the work you are providing. 

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