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Asthma is a lifelong condition in which your airways become narrowed, causing you to cough, wheeze and have difficulty breathing. Asthma usually becomes worse after you are exposed to a trigger in the environment—this is an asthma attack.

Triggers may be irritants in the environment, allergens or even exercise. The first step to managing your asthma is identifying these triggers so you can avoid them or understand how to control your asthma when you are exposed to them. Common irritants include cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, chemical fumes and even pet dander.

After being exposed to these triggers, you may start coughing and have trouble stopping. You may also experience shortness of breath, where your chest feels tight and you cannot breathe deeply enough. You may also feel like you cannot catch your breath or your breath may whistle or squeak, called wheezing. These symptoms are the result of the narrowing of your airways caused by tightened muscles, increased amounts of mucus and swelling.

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, speak to your physician. Be prepared to share details such as when the symptom(s) started, what was happening and how long the symptom(s) occurred. This information will help your doctor make the best diagnosis and get you the help you need.

We understand that asthma symptoms can have a huge effect on your daily life. Our physicians provide comprehensive diagnostic services to identify asthma, its triggers and any associated allergies. We use a thorough approach from diagnosis to treatment to management in order to effectively control your symptoms and teach you how to reduce asthma attacks. We perform allergy testing in our offices to ensure you are safely exposed to allergens in order to identify your triggers.

Our physicians work with you to develop a plan for managing your asthma, including when and how to use medicines, avoid triggers and create a safe environment. 

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

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