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Pediatric Allergies

Allergies occur for the first time more often in children than adults. Many children are diagnosed with food or airborne allergies each year, but with proper diagnosis and treatment they participate in activities and sports with no issues.

Children may experience a variety of allergic reactions, such as itchy eyes, a runny nose, hives, headaches, a cough or even diarrhea or vomiting. It can be confusing as to whether the child is suffering from an illness or allergies.

In general, if symptoms appear after a repeat exposure, you may want to speak to your pediatrician about the possibility of allergies. For instance, if the child gets a runny nose repeatedly during the spring or fall, they may have an allergy to tree or ragweed pollens.

New experiences can also expose allergies and lead to your children developing allergy symptoms.

Because children require specialized care, Indiana University Health physicians offer advanced treatment options for children’s allergies to meet their needs. We work with families every day to reduce exposure to allergens, manage medicines and use immunotherapy for long-term allergy symptom relief. Our physicians collaborate closely with pediatric allergists at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health to provide high-quality care specialized for children.

Children receive many of the same allergy treatments as adults, though they may take smaller doses. We believe managing a child’s allergies is important so they can have an active childhood and participate in activities they enjoy. Our physicians strive to ensure your child will not be held back by allergies.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Pediatric Allergies Treatment Information

Our physicians help you and your child manage their allergies through the comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services listed below:

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Pediatric Allergies Support Services

Many resources are available online regarding how to help children manage their allergies, as well as identify allergies in your children. Visit the websites below to learn more about pediatric allergies and speak to your pediatrician if you suspect your child has allergies.