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Anesthesia in Ambulatory Clinics & Physicians Offices

With advances in surgical and nonsurgical techniques, ambulatory and office-based anesthesia have become common. Indiana University Health anesthesiology specialists work with other physicians to allow you to have surgery and other procedures at surgery centers or even in a physician’s office instead of in the hospital. These options may cost less and enable you to return home and resume normal activities more quickly.

IU Health Anesthesiology specialists focus on your comfort and safety before, during and after any medical procedure. We consult with physicians at surgical centers and those with procedure facilities in their offices to help them use safe, effective anesthetic techniques. If necessary, we come on site to administer medicines and monitor your condition during surgery. By being available for non-hospital procedures, we ensure you receive comprehensive, personalized medical care in the location that best fits your needs.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Anesthesia in Ambulatory Clinics & Physicians Offices Treatment Information

The type and delivery of anesthetics used in surgical centers and physician office settings varies widely. Anesthesiologists may be present during procedures or may be available for consultation. In some cases, a physician may choose to perform procedures without anesthesiologist guidance.

You should learn how anesthesia is used before you have a procedure done. Though going to a surgery center or physician’s office for a surgery or minor procedure may cost less than a hospital, the cost may be lower in part because an anesthesiologist is not present for your procedure.

Anesthesiologists offer expert care in a variety of ways and have extensive knowledge of emergency treatments that may be necessary. Without an anesthesiologist present, the physician or other provider performing your procedure is responsible for this care. You should have confidence in a provider’s anesthetic methods before agreeing to the procedure.

You should ask your provider the following questions before undergoing your procedure:

Answers to these and any other questions you have may help you understand the provider’s ability to use anesthesia properly. 

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