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Anesthesia Before Surgery

The preoperative examination allows you to meet with your anesthesiologist and ask any questions you have about the day of your operation. Indiana University Health Anesthesiology physicians answer your questions about anesthesia, its effects and what you can expect throughout the surgical process.

IU Health anesthesiologists understand how various health conditions affect the way your body may respond to medicines used during the operation. Our physicians order tests to ensure that your body is fit enough to undergo surgery and recovery and develop a personalized anesthesia plan based on your test results, medical history and anesthesia preferences.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Anesthesia Before Surgery Treatment Information

During the preoperative evaluation, your anesthesiologist asks about your medical history and any medicines you take. It is important that you answer questions completely so your anesthesiologist can prepare the most effective anesthesia plan for you.

The evaluation may be brief, or it may involve extensive testing. Preoperative tests may include:

Preoperative tests are scheduled before surgery so that the surgical plan can be changed or postponed according to your health needs. Your surgeon or primary care physician may also alert the anesthesiologist of the need for tests so he or she can schedule them with you.

The type of anesthesia your anesthesiologist uses depends on the procedure being done, your health history and any health conditions you may have. Medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart problems or high blood pressure may affect your body’s response to anesthetic medicines. Such conditions may also require specific treatment during surgery. Knowledge of all these factors helps your anesthesiologist choose the most appropriate types and amounts of medicines to use.

Once the preoperative evaluation is complete, your anesthesiologist shares the details of your anesthesia plan with you so you are prepared for your care on the day of surgery. 

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