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Anesthesia in Critical Care & Trauma

Anesthesiologists offer advanced care for patients with severe illness and injury throughout the hospital, including in the critical care and emergency medicine departments. Indiana University Health anesthesiology specialists have years of experience providing high-quality care for patients when they need it most.

Our expert physicians understand how to use medicines to not only relieve pain, but preserve vital functions such as a steady heart rate and breathing rhythm. Through careful monitoring and medicine management, our anesthesiologists strive to keep patients comfortable and safe no matter the severity of their condition. 

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Anesthesia in Critical Care & Trauma Treatment Information

Our physicians have extensive training in medicines and techniques used to relieve pain, monitor vital signs and resuscitate patients in emergency situations. We use these skills throughout the hospital to offer comprehensive care for a wide range of patients, including those in critical condition or who require emergency care.

Critical Care

Patients in critical care may have life-threatening injuries or illnesses that require specialized care and equipment, such as:

While patients are in critical care, the anesthesiologist administers essential care, including:

Critical care patients may also require continuous pain medicine or sedation. The anesthesiologist directs the use of these medicines to maintain the best balance between reducing pain and keeping patients’ vital signs stable.

Trauma Medicine

Anesthesiologists in the emergency room must respond quickly to the needs of patients who may be in severe pain or require anesthesia to prepare them for surgery. Our anesthesiologists have extensive medical knowledge and expertise in dealing with a wide variety of emergency and trauma situations. Important services we provide include:

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Anesthesia in Critical Care & Trauma Support Services

The websites below may help you or your family when a loved one is very ill or critically injured. The information may also allow you to work more effectively with physicians and nurses in the critical care or emergency department.