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Our Commitment to the Community

Every day, Indiana University Health Arnett carries out its mission to improve the health of patients and community members through innovation and excellence in clinical care, education, research and service. Our team is proud that our commitment to service extends beyond the hospital walls.

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Community Health Needs Assessment

Our Community Health Needs Assessment Report provides an overview of findings from a community health needs assessment (CHNA). This assessment was initiated by IU Health to identify the community’s most important health issues, both overall and by county, in order to develop an effective implementation strategy to address such needs. IU Health conducts a CHNA every three years. The most recent CHNA was completed in the summer of 2015.

IU Health completed this assessment in order to determine where to focus our community outreach resources. The assessment is the basis for creating an implementation strategy to address our community needs. The priority areas of need for our community are: access to healthcare, nutrition and active living, behavioral health and chronic disease management.

View the IU Health Arnett Community Health Needs Assessment Report

View the IU Health Arnett CHNA Implementation Strategy

Outreach Highlights

In addressing the identified community priorities, IU Health Arnett has partnered with a number of high quality, highly engaged community organizations and initiatives to help make health and wellness improvement a reality. The power of collaboration cannot be overstated: partnership on coordinated efforts to meet the community’s health needs is a win-win for everyone.

IU Health Arnett seeks out partnerships with non-profit community organizations and health agencies committed to improving community health, particularly in the areas of health education and research, obesity prevention, access to affordable healthcare, community revitalization and K-12 education.

If your organization is interested in submitting a partnership request to IU Health Arnett, please follow the link below to submit your community partnership proposal. Please note this is the only way we will accept partnership proposals, which includes requests for sponsorships, donations and memberships.


Car Seat Safety Inspections

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among children under age fourteen in the United States. This sobering statistic reminds us that even if you’re a careful driver, you can’t eliminate the possibility of an auto accident. An age- and weight-appropriate child safety seat is a crucial step to keeping your child safe in the car.

Parents and caregivers can call IU Health Arnett Childbirth Education at 765.838.4670 to schedule an appointment to have their car seat installation checked by a certified technician free of charge.

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Read To Succeed

As part of our commitment to education and our community, IU Health Arnett continues to provide volunteers for the United Way of Greater Lafayette Read to Succeed program. The program’s goal is to ensure that every third-grader leaves third grade reading at grade level or better. This age is the point when students shift from learning to read toward reading to learn. Without these skills, students get further behind each year and they are dramatically more likely to drop out of school.

Dr. Bein with kids









Get Walking Groups

The walking groups were developed to educate community members on the benefits of walking in an encouraging atmosphere. The Lafayette YMCA provides certified walking instructors and IU Health Arnett team members provide additional resources and health screenings to participants. The IU Health Arnett walking group meets each Monday at 9 am from June through September at Armstrong Park.

2017 Walking Group Flyer

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Health & Safety Fair

The Health & Safety Fair focuses on providing education to children and their families about their health and well-being. Dozens of IU Health Arnett departments and community partners will provide FREE health screenings and educational booths including blood pressure, cholesterol screenings and safe sleep demonstrations for new parents.

Learn more about the IU Health Arnett Health & Safety Fair

Strong Schools

The Strong Schools program aims to promote a healthy school environment by focusing on student, staff and community initiatives such as increasing physical activity of students by 52% educating students and staff on the importance of eating  healthy food. By helping students, staff and community members focus on making healthy choices, schools can become a center of health throughout entire communities.

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Day at the Fair/Farmer’s Market

IU Health Arnett is the sponsor of the day on family day at the Tippecanoe County 4H Fair. We set up a farmer’s market that offers fresh vegetables, healthy recipe tips and samples to encourage participants to eat healthier. Educational materials on Eat This, Walk That help educate people on how far they must walk to burn the calories of different fair foods. Children can make sun bead bracelets and have their pictures taken with vegetable cutouts.

Day of Service

IU Health’s Day of Service is our annual signature volunteer event, engaging more than 2000 team members statewide in activities that create or enhance assets for our local community members to get physically active.

Like most of the nation, Hoosiers see the alarming rise of obesity in their communities as a leading concern. Physical activity opportunities in schools and parks help to increase fitness and reduce obesity. Scientists attribute the growing obesity epidemic to two factors: more calories consumed, and fewer calories burned. A primary focus of attention is providing environments where children can be physically active.

Gaga ball is a great way to provide a fun physical activity for children of all athletic skill levels. In a time when our country is facing a childhood obesity crisis, care givers need to continuously find ways to keep children physically active. The game's growing popularity is due to its universal ability to be used in physical education classes, during recess, in after-school programs or as a camp activity.

IU Health Team members also built and painted Buddy Benches. Buddy Benches are brightly colored inviting benches. The idea is to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. No one should ever be sitting on a bench alone. Everyone needs a buddy or two.

Meals on Wheels

IU Health Arnett partners with Meals on Wheels to provide meals for those in need. IU Health Arnett Hospital food service employees spend each weekday morning packaging dozens of meals for Meals on Wheels, making sure the meals meet dietary restrictions and provide good nutrition for seniors. Though multiple chefs prepare the meals, one employee is dedicated to Meals on Wheels, ordering food, preparing, packaging and ensuring the meals get delivered.

Events & Support Groups

For a complete listing of IU Health Arnett events and support groups, click here.

Contact Information

IU Health Arnett touches the lives of our community, every day – from the patients we serve to the many programs and services that enhance quality of life for local residents. We are working together to build a stronger, healthier community.

For information on our community programs and how you can get involved, please contact Rhonda Jones, Senior Public Relations and Community Outreach Coordinator, at 765.838.6464 or