Bariatric Non-Surgical Medically Supervised Weight Loss

IU Health Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to successful weight loss and control. The program targets people who have a moderate amount of weight to lose, don’t qualify for bariatric surgery and those who have made the choice not to have surgery.

Our program is designed for long term weight control success with a focus on sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. Our customized program, tailored to ages 17 and up, offers medical monitoring, a variety of nutritional programs, behavioral strategies for lifestyle changes, physical activity focus, along with prescription medications when indicated.

The medically supervised weight loss program is intensive, personalized and structured. Following a physical exam, complete review of medical and nutritional history, lab results and EKG, each patient works with our weight loss team to receive a personalized plan tailored specifically to his or her food preferences, schedule and nutritional needs.

The individualized plan includes:

     • Regular medical monitoring (weekly or bi-weekly visits, depending on program)
     • Variety of nutritional program options
     • Nutritional counseling
     • Behavioral strategies to make sustainable lifestyle changes
     • Exercise routine
     • Office visits are billable to insurance companies

Patients learn new behavioral strategies and tools such as self-monitoring, problem-solving, cognitive restructuring, stimulus control and nutritional education. Our program offers innovative treatment delivered by an experienced multidisciplinary team, who work daily with weight loss patients and understand their needs. Participants in this program also enjoy other benefits offered by IU Health Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss, such as discounted fitness programs.

Our Team

Sarah J Hallberg, DO, MS

Monica W Keyes, NP

Nutrition and Diet

You will have diet options including very low calorie diets using meal replacements, combinations of meal replacements and food, aggressive low calorie diets and healthy eating for patients working on maintenance.

Meal replacements are not required, but are highly recommended because they are proven to produce optimum weight loss and maintenance results. Meal replacements control portion sizes, provide structure and replace poor nutrition with healthier nutrition. People lose twice as much weight using meal replacements and are more successful in maintenance.

Exercise and Activity

Exercise is a required part of this program. You will receive an individualized activity prescription with exercise options that fit your lifestyle and medical conditions.

Cost and Insurance

The cost of the program depends on the diet plan chosen, the amount of weight a patient wants to lose and the amount of time the patient will be in the program. Meal replacements are very affordable. Most people spend less money using meal replacements than on grocery food and eating out. Typically medications are reduced. Office visits are usually covered under insurance by using medical diagnoses, like high blood pressure or abnormal cholesterol, but there may be co-pays. If a patient is using a diet plan with meal replacements, the nutritional products are not typically covered by insurance.

For more information on the medically supervised weight loss program, call 765-448-8000, extension 8101.