Maternity Classes

Childbirth can be one of the most meaningful times in life, not only for parents, but for extended family and friends as well. To help prepare for this experience, Indiana University Health Arnett offers a variety of childbirth programs designed to educate and enlighten those waiting to welcome new life into the world. Classes offered are listed below.

2017 Childbirth Preparation Class Schedule

2018 Childbirth Preparation Class Schedule

Childbirth Preparation: Four-Week Course

This Childbirth Preparation class meets for four consecutive weeks. The goal of the class is to increase women’s confidence in their ability to give birth. Women and their support persons will learn coping strategies for labor, including focused breathing, movement and positioning, labor support and massage and relaxation. Also included is information on epidurals, cesarean section births, post-partum and the early newborn period.

Fast Track Childbirth Preparation

The Fast Track Childbirth Preparation class meets for two consecutive Saturdays. This class offers women the opportunity to learn more about childbirth and gain confidence as you prepare for the birth of your baby. Information on pregnancy, labor and delivery, labor support, relaxation, breathing techniques, post partum care and immediate newborn care is provided. Also included is information on epidurals and cesarean section births.

To register and attend a Childbirth Education class, fill out a Registration Form and contact our Childbirth Educator at 765-838-4670 or

Childbirth Education classes are held at IU Health Arnett Hospital in the Childbirth Education Classroom on the 3rd floor.

IU Health Arnett Hospital
5165 McCarty Lane
Lafayette, IN 47905

Newborn Basics

During this class women have the opportunity to explore, discuss and share your concerns in caring for a new baby. A registered nurse will discuss baby care topics such as bathing, feeding, holding, diapering, comforting, car seat safety, cord care, the crying baby and more.

Breastfeeding with Ease

Learn how to make breastfeeding a positive experience for you and your baby. We give you practical information about positioning and latch-on. We also discuss common concerns and problems related to breastfeeding. We recommend attending this class with your partner.

Especially for Children

Help children prepare for their new role as big brother or big sister. This class is filled with activities to help explain how siblings may feel and how they can safely play and help with the new baby. Children are assured that they are very special people in their families and will remain loved as much as ever after the birth of the baby.

CPR and First Aid for Parents

During this class you will learn choking rescue and CPR for infants and children. You will also learn basic first aid for your child’s early years and receive information about home safety and assembling a family first aid kit. An American Heart Association CPR instructor teaches this class.

Visit the Maternity Suites at IU Health Arnett Hospital

IU Health Arnett Hospital offers maternity suites designed to celebrate life. Spacious and private labor-delivery-recovery suites allow mom to have loved ones on hand during labor and delivery. All childbirth preparation classes include a tour of the maternity suites. If you have your class at another location, you may attend a tour free of charge. Learn more.

Breastfeeding Support Groups

Attending a Breastfeeding Supports Group is a great opportunity to meet other breastfeeding mothers who have valuable information and support to share. A lactation consultant leads the group and presents information on topics of interest to breastfeeding mothers. Reservations are not needed and siblings are welcome. You can attend the meetings as long as you desire.

Expectant Parents Tours

All parents-to-be are invited for a tour with guides who will help answer any questions you have about delivering at IU Health Arnett Hospital. It is not necessary to register for a scheduled tour.

For the most up-to-date information on all of our classes, view our Events Calendar.