Nephrology & Kidney Diseases

At Indiana University Health Arnett Hospital Nephrology & Kidney Diseases, our nephrologists provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for kidney diseases. If you have a kidney condition, our expert physicians work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Because kidney diseases require lifestyle changes, our high-quality care includes education about diet and medicines. We offer dialysis in our hospitals, outpatient centers and at home. We are committed to helping you manage your condition and prevent its progress. 

The specialists at IU Health Arnett Nephrology & Kidney Diseases offer the following services:

  • Management of post-transplant patients. After undergoing a kidney transplant, you will need to continue to see a nephrologist regularly to ensure your new kidney is working correctly. You will have regular blood tests that check kidney function.
  • Chronic kidney disease management. Our nephrologists help you monitor the progression of your kidney disease and prevent further damage to your kidney using education and medicines.
  • Fluid and electrolyte management. During a hospital stay, our nephrologists closely monitor your fluid and electrolyte levels to ensure you remain hydrated and healthy.
  • Hemodialysis care, including home hemodialysis and in-center hemodialysis. We offer convenient hemodialysis services so that you can receive the care you need when and where you need it. We also provide placement of hemodialysis ports.
  • Hypertension management. Our physicians help you maintain low blood pressure using lifestyle changes and medicine to prevent damage to your kidneys.
  • Kidney stones management. We provide accurate diagnosis of the causes of kidney stones as well as the treatment you need to avoid kidney stones in the future.
  • Peritoneal dialysis care. Peritoneal dialysis helps you have a better quality of life when your kidneys are no longer working properly. We place peritoneal dialysis devices and help you understand how to best use your device.
  • Proteinuria and hematuria management. Our nephrologists use comprehensive diagnostic tests to uncover the causes of proteinuria and hematuria and treat any underlying kidney disorder.

Our partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine gives you access to the latest research, clinical trials and treatments so you can receive the care you need.