Radiation Oncology

IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center’s Radiation Oncology department is committed to providing the latest treatment advances in cancer care.  Our radiation oncologists are proud to provide state-of-the-art technology in a warm and compassionate environment.

Board-Certified Radiation Oncologists

Fred Francis, MD
Yunjie Xie Lin, MD
John Jacobs, MD
Stephen Tilmans, MD

Radiation therapy is the treatment of illness through the use of a source of radiation. The radiation sources used in radiation therapy are similar to X-rays used to detect a broken leg, a tooth cavity or pneumonia. You cannot feel, hear, smell or taste these X-rays of energy (radiation). The radiation sources used in treating illnesses are X-rays, gamma rays and electrons. The amount of radiation given during each radiation treatment is greater than the amount given for diagnostic studies.

Download printable Radiation Therapies Brochure.

Muncie Location

Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center
2401 W. University Avenue
Muncie, IN 47303

Patient parking is conveniently located off the intersection at Celia Avenue and Gilbert Street.

Open Weekdays

Monday – Friday
Telephone: 765.747.3148
After business hours, please call 765.747.3662.
Closed holidays.

First Appointment/Consultation

If you are referred for a consultation to our Radiation Oncology department you will receive a call from Patient Access to pre-register you for your appointment.

Please park in the IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center lot at the corner of Celia Avenue & Gilbert Street. Check in with registration staff and bring the following items:

  • Current insurance card and information and photo ID
  • Current medications in their containers (prescription and over the counter medicines, herbs and vitamins)
  • Please tell staff if you ever received radiation therapy
  • Please plan on approximately two hours for this appointment

A diagnosis of cancer and undergoing treatment can be stressful. Please bring at least one person to your first few appointments to help listen to your treatment options and information. Bear in mind our exam rooms are small and can only hold two additional people other than you during appointments.

A radiation oncology nurse will obtain a medical history, list of medications and vital signs during your consultation. You will then be examined by a radiation oncologist who will review your health records and recent x-rays. The radiation oncologist may need to order additional tests at this time and they will talk with you about your therapy plan, and possible options.

First Appointment

After being referred to Radiation Oncology, you will receive a phone call from our registration staff to pre-register your initial consultation. When you enter the IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center, please check in at the R1 Radiation Oncology reception desk. Please bring the following things to your first appointment/consultation:

  • Your current insurance card and information.
  • Current medications in their containers/bottles.
  • Herbal medications and vitamins in their containers/bottles.
  • Please let us know whether you have received radiation therapy before.

Being diagnosed with cancer and receiving treatment is emotional, and patients need support during this difficult time. It is important at least one person, who is significant to you, to help you understand your treatment plan. May we suggest you bring that person with you for your consultation and first few visits? We realize how important it is to have someone with you but please bear in mind our rooms are small so we can only allow two other individuals to accompany you back in the exam or consultation areas.

You should expect to be at the IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center for approximately two hours for your initial consultation.

Daily Treatments

Your appointment will be scheduled depending upon your preference and availability (usually it will be the same time each day). On routine treatment days plan on being here 15 – 30 minutes.

It is best to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that are easy to remove. You will be given a coded card to be used each day to speed up your check in at the front desk.