2017 Graduates

Thomas Boone, MD

Practice location: Indian Health Service taking care of the White Mountain Apache Tribe in Whiteriver, AZ

Hi, my name is Tom Boone, and I’m a 3rd year FM resident here at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. I am the son of 2 small-town FPs near Pittsburgh, PA. I moved to Cincinnati to study to be a youth minister but decided to go into medicine instead after going on a medical missions trip. I stayed in Cincinnati at UC for medical school and decided on Family Medicine knowing I wanted the broadest full-spectrum training I could find. I continued to focus globally with trips to Ghana and Jamaica.

On discovering our program, I was instantly excited about the strength, flexibility, and procedural numbers and competence in OB, scopes, and other procedures beyond what I could find at any other program across the country. On the interview and 2nd look weekend, I was impressed with both the residents’ and faculty’s comraderie, concern for each other, and wide variety of interests.

Throughout my time here, I’ve felt at home with my fellow residents and attendings, loved the experiences I’ve had travelling to and working at Guatemala, Honduras, and Bangladesh for missions trips/rotations, and appreciated the truly full-spectrum training I’ve received, including OB and C-sections, endoscopy, and ER training. Despite my time spent in pursuit of this broad base of training and an abundance of ER moonlighting, I had time to meet and woo my wonderful bride. Despite residency and nursing school, we were just married this spring, and I am so grateful for the flexibility the residency provides to make that possible!

Apart from medicine, my wife and I love traveling (both for missions and to explore), anything outdoors including rock climbing, skiing, backpacking, and hunting (well, just me for that one), board games, being part of the resident Bible study, and spending time with friends and family.

Andrew Daluga, MD

Practice location: American Health Network Greenfield, IN

Although originally from the west side of Chicago, which helps explain my affinity for all things Chicago in the sports world, I have actually spent most of my life in Indiana.  I grew up just down the road from Purdue University in the town of West Lafayette, but when it came time to pick a college I went for the out of state route.  I didn’t see any reason to go to any great lengths to get away from friends and family but yet I still felt like going to a school who’s campus was all of 100 yards away from the back doors of my high school had some merits. I attended Miami University for undergrad located in the small town of Oxford, Ohio about 6.5 miles over the Indiana boarder.  I graduated with a BS in engineering and went on to focus in the biomedical field.  I worked for Stryker Orthopedics in their research department for a little over a year out in Connecticut, focusing mainly on the structural and mechanical properties of knee and hip implant prosthetics.  It was during my time on the coast that I realized I wanted to continue my education and I applied to medical school.  I went to the IU School of Medicine where I attended my first two years up in Gary, Indiana and then finished off my clinical years in downtown Indianapolis.

When it came down to picking a specialty I would have told anyone during my first three years that I would going into a surgical specialty.  A combination of a great family medicine rotation and enjoyment of all my third year rotations that began to change my mind. In the end, it was the prospect of forming long-term relationships with a broad range of patients that made family medicine the obvious choice for me. After that decision, choosing a residency program turned out to be relatively easy. IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital will not only allow me complete continuity with patients from pediatric to obstetrics but will also provide time to master any procedure available to a family medicine physician.

For my free time I enjoy pretty much any outdoor activity that someone can come up with.  I enjoy running and have several half marathons under my belt and just completed my first marathon last October with plans to do more in the future.  I have played ice hockey since starting in college on my fraternity team and still continue to drive to the north side of Indianapolis to play on Sundays.  When I can find the time and a little bit of spare cash there is nothing better in my book than spending a few days snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains.

Tabatha Davis, MD

Practice location: Assistant Director Lynchburg Family Medicine Residency, Lynchburg, VA

Hi!  My name is Tabatha Davis and I’m originally from Charlotte, North Carolina.  I chose to attend High Point University in High Point, North Carolina, for my undergraduate education and received a BS in Biology and a BA in French.  Following graduation, I moved a little further south and chose to attend the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina, for my MD.

I met my future husband Colby in undergrad and he was brave enough to join me on my new adventure.  We were married the day after I matched at IU Health Ball Memorial (it was also my birthday!), so it was one amazing weekend for the both of us. 

My road to family medicine was a little different than most.  Coming from the East Coast, family medicine is not regarded as highly.  Many people tried to dissuade me along the way.  I actually went into my fourth year of med school straddling three different specialties.  After some soul searching, and trying to write a personal statement, I realized family medicine was truly my passion.  It was a blend of a little bit of everything with a focus on preventative care.  I loved the practicality of it and the thought of being able to pretty much handle anything that came my way.  A family physician is truly the type of doctor I imagined that I wanted to be “when I grew up.”

Colby and I had a full schedule for the interview season.  We were not really sure where we wanted to end up (Colby kind of narrowed down the states) and I knew I wanted an excellent full-scope program with the opportunity for global health experiences and a strong OB curriculum that included C-sections in a rural environment.  Everyone kept talking about finding that “fit” in a program and both of us definitely experienced that feeling during Ball Memorial’s second look. 

After that weekend, both of us were sure that Muncie was the place and the program for us.  The program directors and staff are down to earth, friendly, and welcoming.  You definitely feel like a part of the community even if you aren’t from the area.  I can whole-heartedly say from my many adventures during interview season (18 interviews…not the norm, and interviews ranging from the far West-Montana to the Northern climes-Pennsylvania) that Ball Memorial’s program, faculty, and overall experience stand shoulders above the rest.  Initially, I might not have known what specialty to choose, but I knew I wanted to be a great physician and I have no doubt that I can do that here in Muncie.

Anna Grady, MD

Practice location: Family Medicine Obstetrics Fellowship at University of Illinois in Peoria, IL July 2017 to July 2018, Goshen Health System Family Medicine Physician with Obstetrics Goshen, IN after fellowship

Hi, my name is Anna. I have lived in Indiana for most of my life. My parents are currently in Goshen, IN, an area I love and hope to return to someday, but I am very excited to be in Muncie as I am only one and a half hours from my niece and nephew! I will also be near my husband James's family, which will be a great resource as we got married 2 weeks after medical school graduation.

I studied pre-med and peace studies at Manchester University (formerly College) and then did a year of full-time volunteer service through AmeriCorps in Cleveland, Ohio at a house of hospitality for pregnant women.  Maggie's Place first taught me what it meant to be on-call 24/7 as we lived with moms and babies in an intentional community.  I then went to medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine, doing all 4 years at the Terre Haute campus through the rural medicine focus.

I was drawn to IU Health Ball Memorial because of the strong focus on both OB and underserved populations. I intend to practice in Northern Indiana among the large Spanish-speaking population and the Amish. Both populations have strong needs for appropriate and affordable care and have very rich cultural heritages that I have been fortunate enough to experience a taste of.  The broad-spectrum family medicine practice that I will learn here at Ball Memorial will serve me well in my future goals.

Muncie was also a great choice for my new husband, as he will be pursuing elementary education at Ball State University.  We are enjoying the beautiful area, bike trails, and good food.  We also enjoy playing board games, lawn games, gardening, and watching movies.

John Marx, MD

Practice location: Parkview Physicians Group Fort Wayne, IN

My name is John Marx and I am originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana and I have always been a Hoosier. I attended Indiana University for my bachelor’s degree in Biology, and went on to the IU School of Medicine. My first two years of medical school were spent here in Muncie on the floor right above the Family Medicine Clinic. During medical school I was blessed to marry my high school sweetheart, Erika, who works as an oncology nurse at IU Health Ball Memorial. We are very excited to be back in Muncie and a part of the family medicine residency!

Early in my fourth year, I was able to do a rotation with the residency and experience first-hand what an incredible program it is. First and foremost, the directors have a passion for teaching and strive for excellence in medical education, as well as supporting the well-being of all the residents. The family friendly atmosphere combined with top-notch training in procedures, OB, pediatrics and adult medicine made IU Health Ball Memorial stand out among many other impressive programs. The training provided will allow me to pursue any path in family medicine and to better serve my future patients.

When I am outside the hospital, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our families. Some of our favorite hobbies are hiking, biking, and touring the USA. I enjoy playing and watching almost all sports. We are excited to be here in Muncie and explore everything the city has to offer!

Sara Sorrell, MD, PhD

Practice location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Many years ago now, I walked onto the Ball State University campus as an eager college freshman excited about so many things including science and medicine.  After completing a BA in Biochemistry, I started IUSM at the Muncie campus.  After second year, I took a break and moved to Cambridge, England to complete a PhD in Medical Genetics at the University of Cambridge.  Once finished, I returned to Indianapolis to finish medical school.  Through the final clinical years, I kept returning to Family Medicine, but I was unsure.  Therefore, I took a year off to consider my options, travel, and have time to be with my Austrian husband, Clemens, who works out of London.

Upon deciding, I started interview season with a very refined selection of programs, only including ones that had strong International and OB training.  My first interview was at IU Health Ball Memorial, and I truly felt as if I were coming home.  The training is extremely strong and diverse, and the faculty and residents truly enjoy their positions and are excited to share knowledge.  They were also open to my desire for continued research as well as focusing my training for a future career with women and children in an international setting.  I am passionate about continued research to advance medical practice, integrative and preventative medicine, and education; and IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital is the perfect place to support my ambitions and prepare me for my future endeavors.

In my free time, I love to travel, sing, read, run, and work on learning German.

Dean Turbeville, MD

Practice location: Mercy Hospital in Berryville, AR Hospitalist and Outpatient

I was born and raised in small town Arkansas (Go Razorbacks!).  I got my undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Central Arkansas, where I also met my wonderful wife, Katy.  After graduation, I attended the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences for my medical degree.  I had fantastic experiences in medical school that only strengthened my desire to enter into family medicine.  I have strong interests in rural and preventative medicine. 

My first experience with IU Health Ball Memorial Health Family Medicine Residency was at the AAFP National Conference in Kansas City.  I met some of the faculty and residents at the conference and after that weekend they went to number one on my list and never moved down.  In addition to the program’s ability to get me the training I need to be a great rural physician, my wife and I loved how the faculty, residents, and staff made us feel right at home from the start.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking road trips with my wife, reading, playing board games with friends, and watching sports.

Joseph Varnau, MD

Practice location: EMCare, Hospitalist at St. Elizabeth Lafayette, IN

Hi there! My name is Joe Varnau, and I'm originally from the "city of firsts" (worth a google), Kokomo, Indiana. Being from Kokomo, I was surrounded by the automotive industry, cornfields, and great high school basketball. I played soccer and like most of my friends, cared about sports more than school growing up.

Most of my immediate and extended family went to Purdue, so to change it up a little, I went down to IU Bloomington (Purdue's rival).  I majored in finance at the Kelley School of Business, and took a few non-business classes during that time, like biology and chemistry.  Originally, I had goals of running my own business, but that slowly changed. I loved the extra science classes and during my senior year decided something scientific would be in the future.

I ended up finding an awesome research lab to work in at Harvard Medical School for two years, and completed a bunch of science courses at the Harvard Extension School. I loved the research and truly considered a life doing it, but wanted to work and help people firsthand.

Ultimately, I was able to attend IUSM for med school and really had a great time. I continued my research and even went back out to Boston for a summer at MGH.  I fell in love with family medicine having thought every third year rotation was "my calling".  I realized family med was the broadest field out there and encompassed each of these fields! I also loved the continuity of care and the the sit-down-and-help aspect of FM.

My life in Indianapolis was great and I had a hard time imagining myself leaving the city. But, after a lot of soul searching, I found IU Health Ball Memorial was where I needed to be. I had a 3rd year resident tell me "IU Health Ball Memorial is the best FM program in the country, there is no way for me to know that for sure, but it's true".  I could tell he truly believed it and that he could care less if I chose to believe it or not. From what I can tell from my experiences thus far, I would have to agree. I couldn't be happier!

Juan Carlos Venis, MD, MPH

Practice location: Visiting Professor of Clinical Family Medicine, IU School of Medicine; Shalom Health Care Center (FM w/ OB) and Eskenazi Transgender Health and Wellness Program (Trans health)

Hoosier-raised, I grew up in Montgomery and Tippecanoe counties and then graduated from Wabash College in Crawfordsville with a degree in Biology. While there, I spent a summer exploring care of the underserved and public health in Mexico, an experience which helped me find a calling in working to help whole communities with primary care. The following year, I continued my journey at the IU School of Medicine, where very early on, I became intrigued by family medicine.

During medical school, it became quite apparent that there was much more at work in health than the pathophysiology we tirelessly studied. I pursued and achieved a big dream of mine, my MPH at Harvard.  That year away from rotations, I gained a new understanding of health disparities and the social determinants of health. Learning about strategies for addressing these issues in my field experiences and practicum further proved that family medicine was the field for me. I knew that I’d need a strong residency program to help me achieve my goals, and I am so fortunate to have found IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

I knew when I first met the directors and residents that this was the kind of program that would push me to be my best while supporting me along the way.  I have enjoyed opportunities to develop a wide array of clinical skills and to develop professionally as I look forward to a career in Indiana.  My interests in leadership, advocacy, LGBT health, women's health, and public health have flourished here, and I'm proud of my many colleagues who have been able to pursue their unique interests as well. This combination of superb training and a just genuinely caring and positive environment is unmatched.

Outside of work, I try to have fun and stay involved in the community.  My partner and I enjoy eating out at local restaurants or going for a drink at one of the cool pubs with friends. Recently, we have enjoyed getting to know a new local brewery.  We try to check out the Farmer's Market during the summer and enjoy taking bike rides or walks with our dog, Oscar on the Greenway. 

James Wilcox, MD

Practice location: WMED Sports Medicine Fellowship, Kalamazoo, MI July 2017 to July 2018 Family Foundations, Austin, IN & Scott County ER, Austin, IN after fellowship

In high school, everyone asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up.  I didn’t have an answer, but I knew that I wanted my life to count for something.  In my junior year, a physician missionary spoke at our church about his work in Togo, Africa.  He described a rural area which was so destitute of medicine that people would walk for days just to reach his clinic.  My heart was broken for the men, women, and children with advanced stages of disease who often went without medical care.  That evening, I realized I could use medicine to fill a need and to serve people that no one else wanted to serve.

After I graduated from Brownsburg High School, I decided to get a chemistry degree from IUPUI.  While there, two amazing things happened:  I met the woman of my dreams, and then I married her.  We both had desired to take healing to people no one else wanted to serve.  She entered the physical therapy school at IUPUI and I entered medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine.  In what little free time we had, we enjoyed swing dancing, jogging with our dog, hiking, watching movies and documentaries, analyzing ideologies, and playing video games and board games.  Recently, I have taken up learning how to play the guitar so I can accompany my wife who loves to sing.

In my last year of training, I completed an elective rotation at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital and fell in love with the people and the environment. IU Health Ball Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program has always had a high reputation for excellence in teaching, especially with the varied clinical exposure and opportunities for procedural training.  On the interview trail, other directors in Indiana often compared themselves to this program.  I found very few programs with similar educational vigor, and none that also had such a healthy emphasis on taking time for your own family.  The directors and residents understood how important family life is to creating a holistic Family Physician, and I think this is what made IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital stand out most among the excellent Family Medicine programs.