First Year Residents

Hayden Alstott, MD

I’m originally from Corydon, Indiana (which is Indiana’s first state capitol). I moved to Owensboro, Kentucky, on the Ohio River, when I was still in elementary school. Owensboro is the “Bar-B-Que Capitol of the World” and I’ve brought some of that BBQ expertise to Muncie. I attended the University of Louisville where I received a B.S. in Biology. After that, I graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. If you’re wondering… go cards!!

I was attracted to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital because it was clear that the entire program worked as a team to accomplish their goals. I felt at home the minute I walked through the doors at Ball. Everyone is inviting and friendly.

I like being active outdoors and playing with my dog. When I have time off, I like to go fishing, hunting or just venturing out in the field or on the water. Around the house, I enjoy fixing things that need fixin’, cooking and gardening.

Sindhu Devarashetty, MD

I grew up in a small city in South India similar in size to Muncie. I really enjoyed the perks of small city living including short commutes, less traffic, movies not always selling-out opening night, friendly community and much more. For fun, I like to sketch and love to cook.

I have always wanted to practice medicine growing up, fulfilling my dreams by attending Gandhi Medical College. While completing medical school, I did rotations in the US and really liked the health care system in here. This led me to obtaining further experience and research, opening more opportunities. I have now been living in the US for almost 3 years and it has truly become my new home.

I am excited to start my residency at IU Health Ball Memorial as it has a supportive and family environment. The faculty members are invested in our education, and academics are one of the main focuses of the program which will strengthen me as a clinician.

Harmanjot, MD

Born in India and raised in NY, I learned to appreciate the importance of having “enough” in life.  One place that I have always put my energy is education, which has been my core value.  Having an inquisitive mind, ceaseless curiosity, and passionate desire for a life of service, ensured that medicine was a perfect fit for me. My diverse preclinical and clinical experiences – from Poland to the United States to India – enriched my education by exposing me to different patient populations, and cultivated a deeper understanding of disparity in health care.  For this reason, I’m interested in working with underserved communities.

On my interview day, I was impressed with the supportive, collegial and collaborative work environment. As you walk the hallways, there is a contagious warmth and camaraderie amongst colleagues and I am delighted to call Muncie my home away from home.  I am truly thrilled and extremely grateful to start a new chapter at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, where excellent patient care and innovation is the centralized philosophy.

Outside of work, I enjoy yoga, exercising at the gym, cooking and ballroom dancing.

J. Marco Mendezona, MD

I was born in Manila, the capital of the Philippines but was raised in a small town called Victorias where the sugar industry was number one. Before I found my passion for medicine, soccer was my first love and it helped me obtain my bachelor’s degree from the University of the Philippines through an athletic scholarship. I then attended medical school at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute and eventually worked as a general practitioner for a private company.

I moved to Texas with my wife and decided to continue my medical career here in the United States. In my efforts to pursue residency, I found myself observing a physician here in Muncie and was taken by how beautiful the place was as well as how friendly the people were. My interview with IU Health Ball Memorial was certainly a reflection of this experience. Aside from the welcoming nature of the faculty and staff, they also foster a family-oriented relationship with the residents and show a tremendous passion for teaching. I am truly ecstatic to be a new part of this program because not only will I grow professionally amidst compassionate doctors who love to teach, I will also enjoy the journey.

My non-physician self is basically a combination of family and sports. I spend my free time either watching or playing sports, particularly soccer and basketball. I also love watching movies, cooking for and traveling with my family.  

Akshita Patel, DO

I was born and raised in Gujarat, one of the western states of India. I moved to the United States at the age of 15 and settled in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with my family. While growing up, I was keen about a career in the healthcare field which I was introduced to while accompanying my mother to her regular oncology treatments. My interactions with her physicians solidified my dream to pursue a career in Medicine, especially Oncology. I completed my Bachelors in liberal arts and sciences at University of Illinois at Chicago, followed by Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, PA.

As a fourth-year medical student, I had the opportunity to rotate through the Cancer Center at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital for a Hem/Onc rotation.  I instantly fell in love with the hospital culture here. It was different from all the other hospitals I have been to. My preceptors were enthused teachers. I was also fascinated with the clinical research at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. At the end of my brief four week rotation in fall of 2016, I knew this is where I would like to continue my training as a physician.

My goal is to pursue further training in the field of Hematology and Oncology. My hobbies outside the field of medicine include adventurous activities, exploring new state parks, cooking, and gardening

Pavan Patel, MD

I was born in New Jersey, however, soon after I moved to the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. After graduating high school, my life brought me to a little town called Columbia City in the great state of Indiana. I attended Purdue University and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. I received my Doctor of Medicine from Saba University School of Medicine located in the beautiful Dutch Caribbean. My last two years of medical school took me from the heart of Brooklyn to the bayou of Louisiana and everywhere in between. During that time, I met people from all walks of life and got to witness the wide range of medicine.

However, when it came down to choosing where to continue my medical education, I could only think about returning to a state where I have lived for over 8 years--Indiana. IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital is where I felt the most at home. My first impression during the interview process was remarkable. The program was filled with a warm comfort, as well an atmosphere which fosters great medical education. I look forward to becoming a well-rounded physician, so that I can provide the best possible care for my patients. I also hope to make friends and share unique experiences with my fellow residents, staff and faculty along the way.

During my free time, I enjoy reading about and working on cars, watching movies, gaming, and hanging out with my friends.

Jeffrey Payumo, MD

I have spent the majority of my life in California. I was born and raised in Carson and went to undergrad at UC Berkeley.  After college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I worked as a tutor, I volunteered at a free clinic, and I worked in a lab that did cholesterol research. I even worked as a DJ doing weddings, parties, and events. But I knew that whatever I picked as a career, I wanted to help people. Two years after starting my own tutoring company, I had a desire to learn more. That’s when I decided to go to medical school. I went to Ross University and then headed back to California to do my clinical rotations.

When it came time to choose a residency, I was really drawn to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. Before my interview, I was actually in your shoes reading all of these bios on this website. After reading each and every one, I got a great sense of not only the residents but the supportive learning environment that the program encourages.  The warm welcome from all of the staff during my visit to the program made me feel at home and demonstrated all the great things I had previously read.  A lot of people warned me though that the weather and winters can be rough, especially for someone from California. I am coming from a place where anything below 70 degrees is freezing and one inch of rain warrants a storm watch.  But I feel that this program is a perfect fit for me and I would gladly scrape ice off my car to be a part of it.

In terms of future goals, I am interested in an endocrinology fellowship. Outside of medicine, I love basketball (go Lakers!), watching any type of sports, playing chess, listening to all types of music, and discovering new songs to download.

Sudarsana Srivangipuram, MD

I was born and raised in India, but spent several years of my childhood in Virginia. I pursued my medical education at Alluri Sitarama Raju Academy of Medical Sciences in India. I was fortunate to be able to serve a large underprivileged population, which instilled in me the values of empathy and compassion. After graduating from medical school, I moved back to Herndon, Virginia to live with my family. I had the opportunity to complete clinical externships in Primary care and Cardiology, during which I familiarized myself with the American health care system.

I chose IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program because of the strong clinical training, excellent facilities and well-organized didactics it provides. The attending physicians are friendly, knowledgeable and have a passion for teaching. The residents, attendings, nurses and staff function like a close-knit family, which promotes a positive learning environment. I am confident that the intellectually stimulating and collegial atmosphere at this program will foster both professional and personal growth. I am honored and excited to begin the next phase of my career at IU Health Ball Memorial.

My interests in Medicine include Hospital medicine, Rheumatology, Endocrinology and Hematology/Oncology. In my free time, I enjoy playing table tennis, painting, cooking and watching TV shows.