International Student FAQ

Dear Residency Applicant,

Due to the large volume of requests about our residency program, we are unable to respond personally to each request regarding issues unique to International Medical Graduates. We have therefore created a 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) section for International Medical Graduates.

Before applying, please visit the Indiana Licensing Board's web site to determine if your school is approved for licensure in Indiana. If your school is not on the "approved" list, we will not be able to consider your application.

Q: Do you require the CSA examination?

A: Completion of the Clinical Skills exam is necessary for the ECFMG certificate. You therefore cannot participate in the Match without it.

Q: Do you sign candidates outside the Match?

A: No. We participate solely in the Match as we feel that there should be a "level playing field" for all candidates with an equitable set of rules and follow the rules and regulations of NRMP "all in" match policies.

Q: Do you have a preliminary year?

A: No. We are a categorical program (three years).

Q: Do you accept international graduates?

A: We are committed to accepting the best candidates, regardless of their medical school or national origin. Our program is diverse with residents from many different universities and cultures.

Q: Do you have a cut-off for the year of medical school graduation?

A: There is no definite cut-off, but we prefer applicants who have graduated within the last three years. Our concern is that earlier graduates may not have up-to-date clinical skills, but this will be assessed on an individual basis.

Q: What visas do you sponsor?

A: We cannot guarantee sponsorship of any type of visa. Availability of visas depends on many factors outside our control that cannot always be anticipated in advance. Visa sponsorship will be handled on an individual basis.

Q: How do I apply to your program?

A: We accept applications only through ERAS and only for the PGY-1 year. Please do not send, e-mail, or fax applications, CV's, letters of recommendations, etc. We cannot process applications this way and they will be discarded.

Q: Are all applicants interviewed?

A: We receive approximately 2,000 applications per year for eight positions; we therefore are able to personally interview only about four percent of applicants. We personally review all applications and will notify you if you have been selected for interview.

Q: What is the minimum USMLE score?

A: We typically require an average of 200 (three digit score) with no failures.

Q: Do you sponsor Fifth Pathway graduates?

A: No. This is no longer sponsored by the American Medical Association and is no longer considered a valid credential for entry into GME programs at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

Q: Is clinical experience in the US required?

A: This is desired but not required.

Q: Do you have externships/observership positions?

A: We are unable to sponsor such positions at this time.

Q: Do you take medical students from non-US schools?

A: We are not a medical school, and our student electives are sponsored through the Indiana University School of Medicine. You may contact John Keller at the IUSOM's Student Affairs office via email if you have further interest, as student rotations must be coordinated through IUSOM.

Q: How many letters of recommendation do you require?

A: Three letters are desirable. These need to be part of your ERAS packet and not faxed, e-mailed or mailed to the program.

Q: Do you require Step 3 USMLE?

A: No. However Step 3 is required for an H-1B visa if you are interested in this.

Thank you for your interest in our residency program. Please contact us for further information.

Ryan M. Johnston, MD, FACP
Program Director