Third Year Residents

Omer S. Al-Buoshkor, MD

My journey to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital has taken me clear across the world and I am so elated to be here. I came to the United States in 2007 after leaving Baghdad, Iraq where I received my medical license upon graduation from Baghdad University. I moved to Muncie to study at Ball State University in the Fulbright Program.

While at Ball State I became fascinated by IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital and its reputation in the area. My excitement came to a peak when I received news that I was going to join the IU Health Ball Memorial family in their Internal Medicine Residency Program.

During my interviews and research I had the opportunity to learn first-hand what distinguishes IU Health Ball Memorial from the competition and that is a clear focus on providing outstanding patient care. The residency program combines a first class facility, caring faculty, and a robust educational environment to ensure that both patients and residents enjoy a remarkable experience.

In addition to my medical interests I am an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and a journalist. My documentaries were shown on HBO and the BBC and I have also worked at NPR and the New Yorker. I also love reading, nonfiction writing, weight lifting, and cooking.

Haval A. Amedi, MD, Chief Resident

I am originally from Kurdistan, in northern Iraq. I graduated from Mosul University College of Medicine in Iraq. My first job after graduation was with the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as a support administrator to the Health and Nutrition Section. During this time, Iraq was under sanctions from the United Nations Security Council. The sanctions created a very critical situation in Iraq. There was hunger and poverty alongside of fear and uncertainty. After the war started in 2003, I worked at the Azadi Hospital in Dohuk, Iraq. During my two years of clinical practice at Azadi Hospital, I found real joy practicing medicine despite the very difficult conditions.

I came to the United States to continue my medical education. Since the start of my journey, I realized that the clinical aspect of dealing with patients is my passion. I am drawn to the wealth of knowledge required to practice internal medicine. My dream is to have a clinic in my hometown and help the poor people there. The IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital’s program in Internal Medicine Residency will allow me to continue my education and clinical practice with an exceptional faculty.

Hobbies, I like photography and travel. My personal time is spent with my support team, my wife and two daughters, my wife Chiman has a special contribution to my journey, and without her this would have not been possible. 

Ahmed A. Behery, MD

Originally from Cairo, Egypt I migrated with my family to the US after high school for a better quality of life and college education. Transitioning through two different cultures was very enriching and exciting. I completed my undergraduate at The Ohio State University graduating majoring in Microbiology and Biology and afterwards my medical education at the University of Cincinnati College of medicine.

I chose IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital for the supportive and friendly atmosphere embodied by the residents and faculty alike. The approachability and great mentorship made it much easier to transition into residency and get a great smooth start. Given the size and the structure of the program there is great potential for learning and developing the skills necessary to become an excellent well rounded physician even on elective months. Communication between faculty, team members and consultants is very efficient and helpful. Currently, I have not entirely decided on my future prospects following residency in order to allow myself time during the first year to explore and experience multiple different aspects of internal medicine. Although from a theoretical standpoint certain areas within medicine capture my interest more than others such as cardiovascular diseases and critical care medicine.

Muncie is a nice small town that is great for its family friendly atmosphere and wonderful opportunities for arts and performances at Ball State University. Asides from my professional interests I enjoy running and weightlifting as well as ethnic dining as a way to get to know other cultures. In the future I plan to travel more regularly to experience other societies and ways of life.  

Arvinder Cheema, MD

Hello, My name is Arvinder S. Cheema and I received my medical degree from Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research in India. For as long as I can remember, I have always felt a particular satisfaction when it comes to helping people. I enjoy working as a team but also as an individual and taking responsibility for my own actions in a challenging environment.  I am positive the academic environment at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital will make me a responsible physician and a better person. My hobbies include running and weight training   and I am really excited to start my second year residency here in this beautiful place.

Xavier S. Laurente, MD

I was born and raised in the Philippines and graduated from Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine-Southwestern University then migrated to the U.S. for career advancement in the field of Medicine. I am indeed blessed to be part of this country where the citizens are by nature hospitable and kind, where love of God and love of fellow human beings are really a way of life.

My professional and medical encounters as a registered nurse in an Adult Intensive Care Unit in Bellflower Medical Center, California, has provided me numerous and enriching clinical exposures. The lessons I learned from work is an invaluable catalyst to my personal transformation into an aspiring internist.

I chose IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital because the staff and medical residents are very professional yet friendly. They also have a tradition of strong academics and approachable faculties in a nurturing and rewarding environment that I feel will provide an excellent milieu of learning and excelling. I believed that this program offers to hone my personal and medical skills, knowledge and attitude in dealing with my future patients.

In my free time, I enjoy singing and watching movies with my wife. 

Aldrin C. Roque, MD, Chief Resident

I am originally from the Philippines and received my medical education from Cebu Institute of Medicine. My path to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital was a long journey. I came to the United States in 2009 with my family after serving the Philippine Government as a physician for 6 years. We settled in Orlando, Florida, and then I prepared for my USMLE exams. As a doctor, I believe patients should be given quality health care and treated with compassion and great concern.

I learned about IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital through my colleagues. When I was interviewed, I was impressed by their medical staff and their teaching method. They have a great support system and are very approachable. I then felt that this was the best environment that could maximize my learning. I have great confidence that they can mold me into the best doctor I can be.

In my free time, I enjoy the company of my daughter, Juliet and wife, Karen. We do a lot of things together. I also enjoy watching basketball and found a new love in football. But the thing I enjoy most is spending time with family and friends.  

Karen Zakharian, MD

I completed my graduate studies at Yerevan Medical University in Armenia, where I am originally from. Before moving to Indiana, I worked in the Research Department at Providence Hospital in Michigan. I was engaged in several research studies, some of which were closely related to Internal Medicine. I worked on developing an animal myocardial infarct model for studying the effects of various cardioprotective agents. One of my research studies related to Intervertebral Disc Regeneration was published in Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine, and was nominated for the best scientific article of the year in 2009.

I believe that IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program provides excellent learning opportunities for its residents. Thanks to competent and friendly faculty as well as relatively small size of the program, the teaching process is more individualized and detail oriented.

Medicine is my greatest passion, but there are many other things I enjoy doing in life. My favorite activities are: judo, soccer, tennis, and swimming. I also like traveling and spending time with my family and friends.