Third Year Residents

Matthew B. Akin, MD

When I first graduated college, I had a degree in German and Music and played classic guitar. Before going back to school to get another degree in Biology and go to medical school, I had already had a number of different jobs, but I always felt that I wanted to pursue medicine. It has been a long and eventful journey to becoming a doctor and enter residency at Ball Memorial, and I am happy to say that it has been worth the effort. I now find myself surrounded by a diverse group of residents and a great staff and working in a hospital that is committed to getting the culture right, which is the most important aspect of any working environment, and I am happy to be a part of it. When I am not at the hospital, I have any number of hobbies including remodeling, exercise, and woodworking, or just spending time with my beautiful wife and daughter.

Tahreem Aziz, DO

I have lived pretty much all over America, but have spent most of my life in St. Louis, MO so I consider St. Louis my hometown. I graduated from Saint Louis University with a bachelor’s in biology and  graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Northern Missouri with my degree in Osteopathic Medicine. My hobbies include cooking, traveling, reading, and watching TV. I especially enjoy spending time with my husband and family. They have always supported me in my times of need.

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital’s program was different from the other programs where I interviewed. It’s like family here and everyone is always willing to help you out. I was attracted to the size of the program because in larger programs residents tend to get lost. Here you get individualized attention so you can improve upon your particular weaknesses. My goal during this residency is to become an experienced clinician that shows empathy towards patients. I’m excited to be a resident at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

Jinous Etemadi, MD

I was born in Iran but left at a very young age. My family moved from country to country until we finally settled in the United States.  My goal in life is to be a good and knowledgeable doctor and with the support of my wonderful family I have so far been able to finish medical school and start residency at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. I chose this hospital for my residency because of their wonderful program, unquestionable support they provide their residents and friendly working environment. I consider myself very fortunate to be here.  Besides medicine, I love to travel, enjoy swimming, hiking, dancing, singing (I assure you my karaoke skills are highly enviable) and in general leading an active lifestyle; but most of all I love to spend time with my family and friends.

Teresa Goode, MD

My name is Teresa Virginia Goode and it is with great pleasure that I join the IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program.  I hail from the suburbs of Washington D.C.  I am dedicated to a career in healthcare, academics, clinical research and service to the local community.  I am profoundly interested in understanding the unique complexity of the human body, the pathophysiological mechanisms of disease, disease detection modalities and evidence based treatments.  These unique interests granted me the opportunity to attend medical school in Atlanta, Georgia on full scholarship through the Robert Woodruff Foundation as well as become involved in translational research with NASA Biomedical Research program and Harvard Medical School.

I guess you could say I also have the blessings of both worlds as when I am not working hard at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital engaging in patient care activities, I can be found spending time with family and friends or planning my next travel expedition.  Additionally, I am a huge fan of many cultural activities such as various art forms , art history  and  music (all genres and from all over the world ) as well as ballroom dance  I enjoy a very active lifestyle with interests in tennis, golf, archery, swimming, kayaking, hiking and horticulture.  When I am not being active outdoors I am usually cooking, reading or learning new languages. 

I look forward to being a part of the team at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital as well as becoming an asset to the local community of Muncie, Indiana.

Amitpal Kahlon, MD

I am a northern California guy, born and raised. I grew up big on outdoor activities- hiking in the regional wilderness parks of the San Francisco Bay Area, white water rafting, camping, skydiving, and the list goes on. This active childhood has transgressed into my formative years and has instilled a healthy lifestyle into my being. It is my hope to share this philosophy with patients through a fulfilling career in medicine.

During my undergraduate career at University of California, Davis, I utilized the vast amount of career-guided resources and inevitably found medicine as a career path I wanted to pursue further. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Cell Biology from UC Davis, I traveled clear across the states to the Caribbean Islands and went on to attend medical school at SABA University School of Medicine. My experiences during medical school in the Caribbean and during clerkships in various states have opened my outlook on the sheer diversity of patient populations and disparities in patient education on their health. Traveling to these different regions during medical school has been a very humbling experience as well.

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital was an easy decision for me for residency training. During my interview visit, the attending physicians and current residents exemplified an amazing collegial relationship which I have not witnessed at many medical centers throughout my medical training. Working in such an environment is a blessing and I look forward to advancing my medical knowledge and becoming the best physician I can possibly be in providing patients with the sincerest medical care.

Anna Maglinte, MD

I was born and raised in the queen city of South East Asia, Cebu City in the Philippines. My medical education was at Cebu Institute of Medicine, and it was in 2006, when I migrated to The United States to start my own family, and immerse myself in a  new culture of diversity and vast opportunities.  We found a home in Corpus Christi, Texas and the exceptional experience as a telemetry, out-patient surgery and endoscopy nurse, rekindled my burning desire to pursue my medical career. This determination helped me find a balance between the demands of work and motherhood to complete my USMLE. 

 I feel this is an exciting time to be a part of the IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Internal Medicine residency program.  I deeply admire the dedication and passion of the faculty in molding their graduates to prepare for the real world of Medicine, and being part of this experience will be that fuse in my journey to become a good physician.  

At the end of the day, my greatest joy is being with my family and friends.  Without their support and encouragement , I would not have gotten this far.

Franklin Mikell, MD

Born and raised in Brooklyn, I was constantly exposed to a variety of cultures and perspectives. I pursued a degree in English and American Literature at New York University, with the twin-goals of broadening my liberal arts education while concentrating in pre-medical studies.  After that I lived in Columbus, Ohio, then Washington, DC, where I worked with patients afflicted with Endocrinological disorders. These experiences confirmed what I’d always believed, which was that helping people through medicine was my true calling. Subsequently I enrolled in St. George's School of Medicine, where I finished my first year of medical school in England as part of the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholar's Program. My second year was completed on the Island of Grenada. 

Coming of age in New York City and traveling the world allowed me to work with people that enriched my understanding of humanity.  I believe this understanding is critical to being an excellent physician, and the experience of the Internal Medicine Staff at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital reflects that. The faculty and staff are also supportive while challenging each other to reach their full potential. Working with healthcare professionals that embody the traits of teamwork, skill, and compassion is its own reward; and our determination to successfully deliver care to our patients is a dream worth fighting for. I look forward to doing my part to make sure that when patients walk through the doors at IU Health Ball Memorial, they know they’re home.

Tinni Mishra, MD

As a child I moved around all over the US and Canada-- Columbus, Durham, Montreal, San Diego, Los Angeles.  I feel tired writing about it. However it's nice to finally end up in Muncie, Indiana and take a breath and be able to hear myself think. What drew me to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital is the degree of closeness I saw firsthand between the residents amongst themselves and the faculty.

As far as post-residency goals go, I'm not really sure what I want yet but I feel that the upcoming year will help me figure out what direction I want to go in. Outside of medicine, I'm an avid in-line speedskater , runner and I love to spend time with my two daschunds --Beans and Odi.