Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is an experienced program offering comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation for conditions and injuries of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Our orthopedic and sports medicine physicians treat the full range of orthopedic and sports-related conditions, including concussions, fractures, tendon and ligament injuries, back and neck pain, age-related degeneration, cancerous tumors and traumatic injury. In addition, we partner with the orthopedic surgeons and staff at Central Indiana Orthopedics to provide leading edge care in the area of joint replacement and orthopedic surgery.

From your first appointment through treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up, we provide expert care to help you return to your previous level of activity quickly and safely. Our healthcare professionals work with you and your primary care physician to develop a treatment plan. We combine extensive clinical expertise and a team of compassionate, caring, highly skilled caregivers to provide you with the best quality care for your situation. We also provide free orthopedic seminars open to the public.  

Joint Replacement

The Orthopedics & Sports Medicine team at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital specializes in bone, joint, spine and muscle care. Our orthopedic surgeons and team of experts deliver high-quality care for hip and knee conditions from treatment through rehabilitation.

For every joint surgery, we integrate primary care physicians and orthopedic surgeons with a highly skilled team of clinical support staff designed to prepare you mentally and physically for the procedure. Our goal is to help you return to maximum function as quickly and safely as possible.

In 2012, we were designated as a Blue Distinction Center by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the area of knee and hip replacement. This distinction is given to facilities that meet objective, evidence-based thresholds for clinical quality in collaboration with expert physicians and medical organizations. Blue Distinction Centers also meet cost measures that address consumers’ need for affordable healthcare.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Whether your treatment involves a surgical or nonsurgical solution, rehabilitation is an integral part of the recovery process. Every patient has a unique injury that requires individualized assessment and treatment. Rehabilitation plays an extensive role within the IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital continuum of care. We work with your physician to establish a plan of care that fits your specific needs.

The type of rehabilitation and amount you need to achieve the goal of restoring normal activity will vary, depending on the nature and severity of your injury. What does not change is the specialized, focused care you receive, whether you are being treated for a one-time problem or for a long-term condition. 

Sports Performance

Our outpatient rehabilitation program includes a performance enhancement program geared towards athletes looking to step up their game and develop their potential. We can help you achieve the next level of athletic performance whether you are a professional athlete, an adult looking for a new fitness program or a young athlete aspiring to take your performance to new heights.

Many younger athletes are more actively involved in playing competitive sports year-round and are facing increasing numbers of injuries due to overuse of muscles and joints or flawed biomechanics. We can help you prevent and manage minor or serious injuries while getting the most of your athletic potential while maximizing speed, power and agility.

Free Orthopedic Seminars

If you suffer from joint pain, make plans to attend one of our upcoming joint pain seminars in Muncie. All seminars are free and open to the public.

February 1, 6:30-7:30 pm
3300 W. Community Dr.
Muncie, IN 47304

Additional Contact Information

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital information: 765.747.3111

Sports Performance: For more information or to make an appointment for an assessment and trial session, please call us at 765.751.2555.

At IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have a comment, question or concern, we want to hear it—and resolve it. Please contact us through our Contact IU Health form or call the hospital at 765.747.8420 to speak to the patient representative.