Pain Center


According to the American Chronic Pain Association, 86 million Americans are affected by chronic pain to some degree — that’s one out of every three Americans.

The purpose of the Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Pain Center is to enable people with painful conditions to live full and rewarding lives. Our mission is to provide and coordinate interventions and research new treatments to enable those with persistent pain to maximize their ability to participate in the activities of life.

Many people suffer with chronic pain because they are unaware of the treatment options available to help them live more normal lives. Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants wants to educate you about the options you have to minimize your pain and maximize your function.

For patients with acute pain, our goal is to help you recover and minimize your risk of further injury.

We will work with medications, procedures, physical therapy, exercise, spinal cord stimulators, or nerve ablations to decrease pain and improve function. We want you to return to normal activities.

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We accept patients by physician referral only. We require patients to have primary care physicians. If you have a painful problem such as back pain, herniated disc, compression fracture, or pinched nerve pain, you can ask your primary care physician to refer you to the IU Health Ball Memorial Pain Center.

For questions, please call the IU Health Ball Memorial Pain Center at 765.741.2957 or toll free at 877.472.5548