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Bariatric Revision Surgery

After you have bariatric surgery, a revision surgery may be needed in order to make a correction or repair the original procedure.

A variety of issues require revision surgery. If your first surgery did not deliver the desired weight loss, you may still be obese. Other reasons for a second surgery include regaining the weight you lost, problematic co-existing medical conditions and other complications.

If you underwent gastric band surgery, the band used to make a small pouch at the top of your stomach can slip or may no longer inflate properly to limit eating. Surgery repositions or replaces the band.

With Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, your tiny stomach pouch created in the original operation can stretch and become too large. A second procedure makes the stomach smaller to restrict eating.

Sleeve gastrectomy originated as part of a two-step surgery for patients who were too overweight or at high risk for complications from more extensive surgeries because of other medical issues. If you still need to lose additional weight, you may undergo a second bariatric surgery such as a gastric or another bypass procedure. If the sleeve or banana-shaped stomach formed in your original surgery stretches, revision surgery makes it smaller.

Other conditions that require a revision surgery include an ulcer or hiatal hernia.

Bariatric surgery is often a successful treatment for obesity. In any of these circumstances, you should consider revision surgery to strengthen or regain the intent of your original procedure. Revision surgery often addresses metabolic issues. Your metabolism may not burn enough calories to lose the needed weight with a restrictive surgery like gastric band. Surgeries that alter the digestive process, such as sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass, offer more definite weight loss.

At Indiana University Health, we tailor revision surgery to meet your specific health and weight loss needs. Our affiliation with the IU School of Medicine Division of General Surgery keeps us abreast of new bariatric surgery research.

Re-operative bariatric procedures can be difficult and cannot always be done with minimally invasive techniques. Our experienced surgical teams know how to manage your needs and deliver excellent postoperative care.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Bariatric Revision Surgery Treatment Information

We take special care to perform the right revision bariatric surgery you need to lose excess weight and improve any other existing medical conditions. At IU Health, we want to make sure you are empowered to achieve the best outcomes possible.

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