Heart & Vascular Care

If you suffer a heart attack, heart disease, stroke or other condition that affects the circulatory system, you need lifesaving treatment right away. The heart and vascular specialists at Indiana University Health Bedford Hospital provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all conditions affecting the heart and vascular system, including atherosclerosis (a buildup in the arteries), coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease and more.

IU Health Bedford Hospital is proud to work collaboratively with Southern Indiana Physicians Cardiology teams to provide the highest quality comprehensive heart care. The IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians Cardiology team includes three interventional cardiologists, two general cardiologists, an electrophysiologist, a heart failure specialist, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and dedicated office team members. This team of heart experts works closely with IU Health Bedford Hospital and many other IU Health teams across south central Indiana to ensure south central communities have access to a full continuum of the highest quality heart care.

A board certified cardiologist sees patients in consultation at the Cardiovascular Specialty Clinic at IU Health Bedford Hospital. Our team can then perform interventions such as cardiac catheterization and angioplasty at a nearby facility. The cardiologist reads all echocardiograms, thereby providing the most accurate interpretation of these tests.

Heart & Vascular Services

Our heart and vascular services include:

  • Cardiac calcium scoring. This test uses computed tomography (CT) imaging to detect calcium buildup on artery walls.
  • Computed tomography (CT) scanning. CT scanning is a special type of X-ray that takes a three-dimensional (3D) image of the heart.
  • Diagnostic testing. Our physicians use various types of screening tests to identify and diagnose cardiovascular conditions.
  • Stress testing (nuclear and chemical). These tests evaluate the heart while a patient exercises on a treadmill or stationary bike.
  • Echocardiogram. This test uses ultrasound to evaluate the heart’s chambers and valves.
  • Heart monitoring. Electrocardiograms (ECG or EKG) measure the electrical activity of the heart to detect heart conditions.
  • Cardiac event recorders. These are small, portable heart monitors that record the heart’s electrical impulses over time.
  • Cooper/Clayton Smoking Cessation Program. Our Smoking Cessation program provides guidance and resources for those who need additional support to break their smoking habit.

Our partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine includes access to the latest research, which translates to better outcomes for our patients.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

If you need a change in your lifestyle to reduce your risk of heart problems, the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at IU Health Bedford Hospital is for you. Our program is certified through the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR), and it is the longest running cardiac rehabilitation program in the area.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

We designed the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program to improve respiratory patients’ quality of life through individualized counseling, education and medically supervised exercise to control the symptoms of respiratory impairment. With a referral from your doctor, you may enter the program that has already helped many patients breathe and function easier.

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