Occupational Health

Indiana University Health Bedford Hospital provides comprehensive occupational services designed to allow companies both large and small the opportunity to choose from a variety of occupational health options that meet their specific needs.

We strive to improve employee wellness and reduce healthcare costs through our consultation and coaching services. Our services can help you reduce the risk for employee injuries, find solutions to employee health problems and teach your employees how to live healthy lifestyles.

Indiana University Health Occupational Health physicians have years of experience diagnosing and treating workplace injuries. As part of IU Health, your employees have access to the largest healthcare system in Indiana, including experts in orthopedics, neurology and rehabilitation. Our physical therapists have advanced training in the rehabilitation of work-related injuries so employees have improved recovery outcomes.

Our occupational health services team utilizes a case coordination system. Case coordination assures communication and direction of medical care to keep employers informed and involved in each employee's progress through IU Health Occupational Health.

Case coordinators are dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of information to all interested parties, including employers, healthcare providers, insurance carriers and employees.


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Employer Services

IU Health Occupational Health in Bedford is committed to helping employers manage their costs, keep their employees safe and meet regulatory compliance. We offer medical examinations and surveillance for a variety of examinations by staff specially trained in Occupational Medicine so your employees’ care will be handled efficiently, including:

  • Pre-placement. We offer pre-placement examination to determine if your candidate has the physical capacities needed to meet the essential components of the job.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT). We offer Department of Transportation examinations, which meet all the requirements of the Indiana Department of Transportation.
  • Medical surveillance. Examples of medical surveillance may include respirator, asbestos and chemical exposure physicals to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. These examinations include the components of the pre-placement exam, along with the medical reports of moderate medical complexity and may include pulmonary function testing, audiograms, chest X-rays and laboratory tests.
  • Executive physicals. Occupational Services can design physical examinations to meet the specific requirement of any company. These requirements may include pulmonary function tests, urine drug screenings, electrocardiogram (EKG), audiograms, laboratory tests or ancillary tests.

Fitness For Duty Evaluation

Our Occupational Medicine physician provides an evaluation to determine if an individual has the necessary physical capacities to perform the essential components of the job. 

Functional Capacity Evaluations/Lifting/Strength Screens

We design strength and/or work simulation activities to determine if a job applicant has the necessary physical capabilities to perform the essential components of a job. 

On-site Services

Bringing healthcare expertise in-house can reduce the overall cost of workplace injuries. An onsite occupational technician fills a multifaceted role—triaging minor injuries, facilitating health and wellness programs, assisting with the organization of Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork and managing the return to work of your injured/ill employees. Research estimates that for every dollar spent on a wellness or injury-reducing program, a company will reap the financial benefit three times over.

On-site services can help provide the following benefits at your company:

  • Offer early intervention to help keep OSHA recordables to a minimum
  • Assist in reducing absenteeism
  • Aide in improving productivity
  • Help improve the overall health of your employees with wellness screenings
  • Support a safety culture with education and training
  • Reduce down time

Our on-site medical services include the following:

  • On-site occupational services provider and technician
  • Drug testing and evidential breath testing
  • Wellness programs and screenings
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)
  • Audiograms
  • Safety and health training classes
  • Vaccinations (hepatitis, tetanus, tuberculosis, flu shots and more)
  • Ergonomics program
  • Safety services

Safety Services

Our Work Teams Safety Services are designed to provide a clear and detailed plan for determining proper work methods, establishing emergency action plans and assisting with OSHA compliance. Our safety program includes:

  • Safety inspections. A safety inspection includes a walk-through analysis used to identify potential hazards to employees. We also review your safety equipment to ensure proper working order. We then provide a detailed action plan to help you foster a safer working environment.
  • Job safety analysis. This analysis will help to identify and expose safety hazards related to the specific job assigned to each of your employees. Our assessment includes a written report detailing how to develop proper work procedures for each job function.
  • Safety training. Our Work Team can also provide on-site safety training within your facility. Examples include:
    • Back safety
    • Forklift safety
    • Hazard communication
    • Fire safety
    • Fall protection

IU Health Bedford Hospital partners with employers statewide to provide trusted, high-quality healthcare that meets the needs of both employers and employees.

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