Sleep Disorders

At Indiana University Health Bedford Hospital, our physicians diagnose problems that affect sleep quality and find solutions to improve your sleep. We treat many sleep problems, including insomnia, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome (RLS). The Indiana University Health Bedford Hospital Sleep Disorders Center features adult sleep beds for sleep studies. We require a physician referral for evaluation.

We have comfortable facilities for sleep studies such as polysomnograms and multiple sleep latency tests. These tests allow doctors to monitor your heart rate, breathing and muscle movements while you sleep.

Our sleep medicine doctors create a comprehensive treatment plan to address the causes behind your sleep problems. Our team will also teach you proper sleep hygiene to ensure that your behavior is helping—rather than hurting—your sleep cycle. Depending on your needs, you may be referred to a specialist who can help with an underlying medical condition or to a sleep psychologist to assist with potential psychological issues.

With some of the most experienced sleep physicians and technical staff in the state, the IU Health Bedford Hospital Sleep Disorders Center combines the latest technical equipment with a soothing testing environment in order to ensure your maximum care and comfort. Our Sleep Specialists, Lawrence McBride, MD, Paul Johnson, MD, Brian Moore, MD, and JR Sarpa, MD see patients in the Bedford clinic during office hours.

Our sleep disorder facility has the benefits to promote a productive, comfortable sleep environment including:

  • Queen-sized beds with comfortable linens
  • Heavy-duty beds to accommodate bariatric patients
  • Wall-mounted, flat-screen TVs with DVD player
  • Private restrooms and shower facilities in each room
  • Updated sleep acquisition equipment to ensure accurate and timely test results

You will experience a new benchmark in healthcare when you come to our facility to undergo a sleep study. You will receive individualized attention from our qualified staff during pre- and post-test procedures, as well as constant monitoring of sleep patterns, respiratory functions and heart rate during the testing cycle.

Overall, you can expect the highest level of service. Our facilities feature:

  • Physicians who are board certified in sleep medicine and other fields pertinent to sleep disorders
  • Credentialed sleep technicians and registered respiratory therapists who are equipped to answer patient questions and concerns regarding the testing process
  • Immediate treatment options via continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy should it become obvious to the technician that a patient has severe breathing irregularity during sleep

The IU Health Bedford Hospital Sleep Disorders Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Our center gives you access to leading edge care and treatment so that you can rest easy, now and for years to come.