A New Life After Living Kidney Transplant

Chronic kidney disease affects one in eight people. If you're one of them, you know how exhausting dialysis can be, and maybe you even know what it's like to wait for a new organ. Cecilia Livingston from Franklin, Ind., is one of those people. After years of struggling with diabetes, Cecilia realized her kidney was failing and that she needed a transplant. Her husband, David, was a suitable living kidney donor but not a match for Cecilia. That's where the Alliance for Paired Donation (APD) in Toledo, OH and the Transplant team at Indiana University Health did their magic to facilitate getting Cecilia the organ she needed sooner rather than later.

Knowing those on dialysis typically have half the life expectancy of someone who receives a kidney transplant, the IU Health Transplant team unselfishly coordinated with the APD and other centers to make sure the Livingstons were part of the APD's 200 pairs who want to participate in a kidney chain or circle to meet their match. Learn what living kidney donation did for the Livingstons and what it can do for you.

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