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Nutrition Myths & Facts

10/10/2014 | WellnessHealthy Eating

Our understanding of nutrition has improved so much over time. So how can you eat to stay healthy? Separate nutrition fact from fiction to be as healthy as you can be. Did you know Indiana University Health is now offering same-day primary care appointments from Indiana’s most highly skilled doctors? Schedule an appointment today at 844.8.IUHEALTH or visit

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Five Questions to Ask Before Open Enrollment

10/10/2014 | Community

Fall is a common time of the year for open enrollment in health insurance coverage. Choosing coverage is an important decision that can have lasting consequences for your physical and financial health. Here are five questions to ask before open enrollment: Is the plan I have currently the best possible plan for my family? Many people choose the plan that has the lowest premium, but that isn’t always the best option. Think about whether you want to re-enroll in your current plan or look for…

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How to Break Up With Your Primary Care Physician and Find a New One

10/10/2014 | Community

Breaking up is hard to do, or so the saying goes. This may be especially true when you need to sever your relationship with your primary care physician. It’s time to find a new doctor if: You have a hard time getting an appointment, or have to wait months to get on the schedule Your time with the doctor feels rushed You don’t feel like all your questions are being answered Your insurance changes and no longer covers the provider You simply don’t have a connection with the doctor…

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Injury Report Weekly – Week 6

10/09/2014 | Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Will injuries to AJ Green, Calvin Johnson and Sammy Watkins affect your fantasy football team? Listen to this week's episode of Injury Report Weekly where IU Health Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Robert Klitzman and certified athletic trainer Brandon Spack will analyze their injuries and make recommendations for your fantasy football lineups. This week’s report and analysis includes: AJ Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit Lions…

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A Lifetime of Checkups

10/08/2014 | Treatments & ServicesPrimary Care

You know that an annual check-up with your primary care physician is important. However, you may not know that as you age, your primary care needs change. Did you know Indiana University Health is now offering same-day primary care appointments from Indiana’s most highly skilled doctors? Schedule an appointment today at 844.8.IUHEALTH or visit

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IU Health Bariatrics Support Groups

10/08/2014 | Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss

IU Health Bariatrics offers free monthly support groups, in addition to the many support groups that are run by patients in other areas of Central Indiana. Support groups are offered for both pre and post-surgery patients. Learn strategies, ask questions and the receive support you need during your journey. Participate in activities that help you discover new ways to stay motivated, cope with physical changes and incorporate lifestyle changes into your everyday life. IU Health Bariatrics understands…

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What is a Functional Movement Screen?

10/08/2014 | SafetyOrthopedics & Sports MedicinePhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

What is FMS? The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a series of tests designed to assess movement patterns and identify risk factors for injury, so they can be addressed before they lead to problems. Research has shown that when used as part of a preseason screening program FMS scores can predict injury risk. Who is it used for? The FMS is designed for individuals who are not currently injured. It is a great tool for athletes of all ages and levels from beginners to professionals. In fact, several…

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6 tips for recovering from hip preservation surgery

10/08/2014 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

Six weeks after a 2013 surgery to correct a rare structural abnormality in her right hip, Heather Cox was ready to do a happy dance. For the first time in three years, the 38-year-old nurse was living without pain. She was back at work in a job where she spends all day on her feet following the periacetabular osteotomy (PAO), a procedure that corrects hip dysplasia by repositioning the hip socket to its optimal position.  Thrilled by the results of the surgery, performed by Todd McKinley, MD, an…

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How the Affordable Care Act Affects Your Healthcare

10/07/2014 | Community

With all of your daily responsibilities, it can be difficult to remember to take care of yourself the way you deserve. Maybe you take some much-needed alone time to read a book, watch your favorite television show or sip a cup of coffee while you relax before work in the morning. Even if you are able to enjoy some of these moments of personal time during the day, you may neglect one important aspect of your well-being: your healthcare. President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act on March…

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Five Ways to Stay Calm at Work

10/06/2014 | Community

Even if you’ve found your dream job, learning to work alongside others or as part of a team may pose challenges. It’s natural to feel frustrated or even angry at situations that are beyond our control in the workplace. How you deal with these normal emotions is critical to your professional growth and continued relationships with colleagues. Follow these tips for keeping your cool at the office. Find the source. Knowing what triggers your anger helps you mentally prepare or avoid situations…

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