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Indiana University Health Officially Adopts New Name

01/24/2011 | CommunityAnnouncements

01/24/2011 INDIANAPOLIS – Today, Indiana University Health, formerly known as Clarian Health, held a special dedication ceremony to officially adopt its new identity. Staff members, patients and representatives from Indiana University Health and its hospitals across the state, Indiana University School of Medicine and Indiana University celebrated this important milestone. The name Indiana University Health affirms the health system’s unique partnership with Indiana University School…

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New Blog Design and Name!

01/24/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

You may have already heard, but today Clarian Health becomes Indiana University Health! As you can see, the design has changed on our blog. However, the same great services are still offered. You can still find the seminar dates, information on types of bariatric surgery and our non-surgical medically supervised weight loss program, and support groups on our new and improved website! Please let us know if you have any questions! And have a wonderful week!  

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February Week One at West Discusses What Happens After Your Coronary Event

01/24/2011 | CardiovascularAnnouncements

What Happens After Your Heart Attack, Bypass or Stent Placement? Heart disease claims more lives than any other illness or injury. It’s important to know the risks, know your family history and have open and honest communication with your physician. But, after you’ve had a heart attack, bypass surgery or other life-altering cardiac event, it’s just as important to know what you should do to keep the disease from progressing. Indiana University Health West Hospital offers Week One…

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IU Health West Cancer Center Awarded ACoS Accreditation

01/24/2011 | CommunityAnnouncementsTreatments & ServicesCancer

The Cancer Center at IU Health West Awarded Three-Year Accreditation with Commendation by American College of Surgeons The Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons (ACoS) has granted Three-Year Accreditation with Commendation to the Cancer Center at Indiana University Health West Hospital. The Cancer Center met the criteria for Three-Year Accreditation with Commendation following a recent on-site evaluation by a physician surveyor. During the visit, the Cancer Center demonstrated…

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A Message from Dan Evans

01/23/2011 | CommunityAnnouncementsLatest from our LeadersDan Evans

The way people talk and feel about healthcare is changing. And while our mission at Indiana University Health remains the same -- to improve the health of our patients and community through innovation and excellence in care, education, research and service -- now, more than ever, we are working to rebuild your expectations about healthcare. We're changing medicine from La Porte to Paoli and beyond our biggest dreams. We're changing lives with leading doctors and nurses, using the most innovative…

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Kids Can Lift Weights too!

01/23/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

Here is a great article encouraging parents to allow their kids to exercise and lift weights and tips about safe ways to do it. So, people who are heading to the gym all the time to work on their own fitness may consider bringing their kids too! This is a great way to instill a positive, healthy habit in their kids from the get-go! Kids Can Lift Weights By James S. Fell, Special to the Los Angeles Times My son is 12 years old, and he's going through a lot of changes in his life, most of which…

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Do you know what SAD is?

01/22/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

If you missed Clarian Bariatric support group this week… We discussed the signs and symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD. 5% of Americans meet the criteria for this disorder which is characterized by symptoms such as:             Depressed mood, most of the day, nearly every day             Diminished interest in engaging in activities             Feeling more tired    …

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Riley’s Care Continues with the New Simon Family Tower

01/21/2011 | CommunityAnnouncementsStoriesStories of Strength

Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health is opening the much anticipated Simon Family Tower this month! The Simon Family Tower is a critical component of a $500 million, 10-year strategic plan that Riley Hospital announced in 2005 to benefit Indiana's children, families and communities. The tower means so much for Hoosier children and families. Riley will not only have more space, but truly state-of-the-art digs! The first 5 units of the tower will open on January 27th. The building…

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Ft. Wayne Man Undergoes Groundbreaking Procedure to Remove Brain Tumor

01/21/2011 | Treatments & ServicesNeuroscience

Imagine having a life-threatening brain tumor that’s causing you to go blind. Now, imagine you’re 34 years old with a wife and son—and you’ve been given two years to live. This was the situation Indiana farmer Jeff Bulmahn faced in September 2009. Having been told his tumor was inoperable, he refused to accept the diagnosis and sought a crucial second opinion. He eventually found hope at Indiana University Health Neuroscience. Here, Bulmahn met with Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol,…

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Arizona Man Comes to Indianapolis for Transplant, Leaves with Something Else

01/21/2011 | Treatments & ServicesTransplant

If you like stories with happy endings, you’ll like the story of Nate and Holly Pelz, a couple from Arizona who came to Indiana University Health for a transplant and left with something else. This past summer, Nate Pelz was bothered by a pain in his stomach that came and went. He didn’t take anything for it, but about two weeks in decided to go see a doctor. In a matter of days, Nate found himself in an oncologist’s office while learning he had a mass in his abdomen. Watch what…

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