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Flu shots

01/22/2015 | WellnessPrimary Care

There has always been controversy every flu season regarding the flu shot. Questions such as, will this harm my body or how does this immunization prevent me from contracting the flu always arise?  Most of us have encountered the flu periodically. It is not uncommon for the flu virus to spread to you, especially during the winter season. This is because we are more contained indoors and spend time interacting with individuals more often than in the summer or spring time. Is the flu shot the…

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Quit Smoking on a Budget and Knock Out Two New Year’s Resolutions in One

01/21/2015 | Wellness

Quitting smoking is hard, especially if you are on a budget.

Cigarettes are still one of the biggest killers of Americans, even after decades of anti-smoking efforts. If you’re a smoker, you probably know about all of the negative effects that smoking has on your body. However, you also know that quitting is very hard. You may have even tried to quit, perhaps more than once. Quitting smoking can be especially difficult if your budget is limited.   The Facts on Smoking:   -18% of all Americans are smokers. -Tobacco use is the single biggest…

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8 tips for choosing the right health club

01/16/2015 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

If you’ve lost your enthusiasm for exercising regularly, it’s probably because you aren’t doing what you enjoy, or you don’t look forward to going to the gym. The start of a new year is a great time to start searching for a new gym or health club that can help you renew your commitment to fitness and start exercising regularly again. The fitness world is a competitive business, full of consumer choices. How do you find the right gym or health club? Scott Charland, a sports…

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Baring the Cold

01/15/2015 | WellnessPrimary Care

The common cold is a self-limited contagious illness that can be caused by a number of different viruses. It is medically referred to as a viral upper respiratory tract infection. The cold is the most frequently occurring illness in the world, and is a leading cause of doctor visits and missed days from school and work. So, you may wonder how can you prepare yourself or bare the cold when the season rolls around. What are risk factors for catching the common cold? There are various factors that may…

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Photo: Indianapolis Colts

Colts vs. Patriots: The Science Behind Sports Rivalries

01/14/2015 | Mental Wellness

For most fans of the Indianapolis Colts, the mere sight of a New England Patriots jersey makes their "blue blood" boil red hot. And when these longtime rival NFL teams come face-to-face on the football field – as they will this weekend for a high-stakes, all-or-nothing, AFC championship game at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA – fan tensions will be as high as a Pat McAfee punt. But where do such "us versus them" attitudes come from? And why are some rivalries so strong and long-lasting? …

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Indiana First Lady Karen Pence and Dr. Jeff Sperring, president and CEO of Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, announce the Labor of L

“Labor of Love” campaign to reduce infant deaths in Indiana

01/14/2015 | MaternityWomen's HealthAnnouncements

Each year in Indiana, approximately 654 babies die before reaching their first birthdays. This puts Indiana 39th in the nation for infant mortality, a tragic issue that is largely preventable. The state plans to reverse these statistics with a new public health campaign called “Labor of Love,” officially launched at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. Led by the Indiana State Department of Health, Labor of Love aims to educate and support Hoosier mothers so they may have healthy…

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If you could change just one (or two) things…

01/13/2015 | Latest from our LeadersIU Health Physicians

This time of year, we’re overwhelmed with gym membership advertising, diet schemes, and New Year’s resolutions, causing us to feel defeated before we even begin. But if you can incorporate a few simple habits now, you could add years — and quality — to your life. While I’d love to see us all lead perfectly healthy lifestyles, I want to stress that when it comes to your wellbeing, something is better than nothing. What I mean by that is very few people have the bodies…

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When fear and doubt prevent you from seeking help

01/13/2015 | Latest from our LeadersIU Health Physicians

The reality is that life is hard. Our bodies get older every day, we lose jobs, and we lose loved ones. How we approach that reality defines how we shape its outcome. Professional counseling can make a positive difference, if we give it a chance. Whether you’re facing a situational challenge, such as job loss or divorce, or the physical symptoms of disease or chronic illness, psychological counseling can provide powerful healing. And yet, a 2004 Harris Interactive poll states that “37…

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Outsmart germs this winter

01/13/2015 | Latest from our LeadersIU Health Physicians

There are things to like about winter, but the prevalence of illness isn’t one of them. Preventing germs from spreading is even more important during winter because colds, flu and other diseases tend to be more common during this time of year. And if one member of your family becomes ill, taking preventive steps at home to help ensure others don’t “catch it” can be challenging. Here are some tips for battling germs this season: Be diligent about hand washing. Thorough and…

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Try a daily serving of avocado

01/09/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

If you’re overweight and want to lower your “bad” cholesterol, this study from the Journal of the American Heart Association recommends eating an avocado a day. But wait…aren’t avocados high in fat? IU Health nutritionists say that even though avocados are high in fat, the majority of this fat is “good” fat (monounsaturated). This type of fat is known for helping you lower your “bad” cholesterol. The study surveyed 45 healthy people between…

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