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Favorite Fitness Finds: NIA/NIH Exercise Guide

04/12/2010 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

The internet has provided such a wonderful pathway for professional organizations and associations to reach out to the world. It is amazing the amount of health and fitness information you can find out there now! If you struggle with obesity or have recently had weight loss surgery, you have to be careful where you grab information, and sometimes the “information overload” can be more confusing than helpful. This is the case especially if you are trying to learn the basics of exercise…

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Weekend Wrap-Up: A Week of Vitamin Recommendation Updates

04/10/2010 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

In case you missed Sarah’s post on Tuesday, there have been some changes coming down recently from nutrition researchers regarding vitamin recommendations for post-weight loss surgery patients. On top of the suggested changes from Sarah’s post, I’d like to add some more information about prenatal vitamins vs. daily multivitamins and the importance of iron levels after bariatric surgery. News alert…change in vitamin recommendations Many of our patients who are less than 1…

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Friday Fun: Avoiding Sitting Disease

04/09/2010 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

Have you ever thought about how much you sit every day? My drive to work is 30 minutes each way, so I sit for an hour in the car. 80% of my work day revolves around my desk, which means I sit for 6.4 hours of my 8-hour day. Then I come home, and I want to watch my favorite shows after cooking dinner (currently, “Bones,” “Two-and-a-Half Men,” and “American Idol” top my entertainment list), which means about 1.5 to 2 hours of TV each night. Then I spend a half-hour…

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Looking Back While Moving Forward: My Story - Part II

04/08/2010 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

In December of 2005, I attended a few weight loss seminars to gather more information on the programs in my area. I had completed many hours of research, but I decided it would be in my best interest to attend support group. I wanted to hear the good and the bad right from the horse’s mouth. I ended up attending support group for 2 years while I fought with my husband’s employer to cover the procedure. In 2007, I started a new job and was excited to find out they chose to cover bariatric…

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Obesity Action Coalition Creates Airline Policy Statement

04/07/2010 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

Just in time for spring break travel, the Obesity Action Coalition just released this report in April’s edition of the e-newsletter. They're really fighting for the dignity of airline passengers who struggle with obesity. I really hope their policy statement is well-received by the airline industry. Here's the OAC's back story with this battle, taken from this month's e-newsletter. In late February, media attention was once again focused on the issue of airline travel and the…

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Race for the Cure on April 17th!

04/07/2010 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

It's not too late! If you've been trying to get in shape, join "Team Clarian" for the "Race for the Cure" event on April 17th. We've been talking about Race for the Cure at our weekly walks on Fridays at Clarian Bariatrics Clinic in Intech Park--and the time is finally here to rush to register. For those of you who don't know, Race for the Cure is a fundraising 5K (3.1 mile) run/walk which raises money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. If you are interested in signing…

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Vitamin Updates from the Dietitians

04/06/2010 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

Have you talked to a dietitian lately? Vitamin recommendations have recently been updated based current research on the nutritional needs of bariatric weight loss surgery patients. To keep yourself up-to-date on the latest information, take a look at your current intake and see if you’re getting what you need after your weight loss surgery. Gastric Bypass/Gastric Sleeve: Multivitamin/mineral: 2 per day at night For example Centrum or Generic equivalent B Complex: 1 per day For example B50,…

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Dr. Temmerman Joins Clarian Bariatrics!

04/05/2010 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

Here's a press release sent out Friday (that I wrote! So exciting!): Joan Temmerman, MD, Joins Clarian Bariatrics as Bariatrician in Charge of Medical Weight Loss Services INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Joan Temmerman, MD, MS, FAAFP, CNS, has joined the Clarian Bariatrics team as their Medical Bariatrician. As part of her new position at Clarian Bariatrics, Temmerman will serve as the head of Medically Supervised Weight Loss Services. Temmerman is a Certified Nutrition Specialist through the American…

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Tips for Better Sleep this Weekend

04/03/2010 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

In the post on sleep from Wednesday, we learned that getting enough sleep can keep our bodies healthy and give us the energy we need to lose weight and keep the weight off---and that a lack of sleep can contribute to poor health, and can even be one of the causes of obesity. Here at Clarian Bariatics, we want to provide you with some tips to make getting a good night’s sleep more likely. 1) Though you feel like you don’t have enough energy to exercise, regular exercise can energize you.…

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Friday Fun: Yummy Easter Basket Ideas!

04/02/2010 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

Chocolate bunnies. Peeps. Eggs filled with peanut butter, or that sticky, sweet creamy white stuff—whatever it is. Your kids (and maybe you) will be planning on tucking into them as soon as the Easter Bunny hops away. But where will all that sugar and those excess calories leave them (and you)? To help combat the weight gain and the diabetic complications that Easter can bring, our good friends at have created a VIDEO to guide you through some creative alternatives that are healthier…

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