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Winter Workouts - Safe Tips to keep you going!

01/18/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

It can be hard to keep up the workout schedule during the winter months, when the weather is less than desirable and it's harder to go outside to workout. Here is a great article I found with tips on how to be safe working out outside during the winter months - and here you thought you couldn't do outdoor workouts right now! Winter weather workouts can be done if you're headed outdoors Here are some tips for a safe, effective workout -By Robin McMacken Editor’s note: Today, we continue…

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Blackford Hospital Announces Great Logo Recall – Proving Change is Good and Charitable

01/18/2011 | Announcements

12/13/2010 MUNCIE – In preparation for a new identity in early 2011, employees at Blackford Hospital are gathering items that carry the Blackford Hospital logo as part of the Great Logo Recall charitable event. The Great Logo Recall invites Blackford Hospital staff to turn in branded items such as pens, mugs, shirts, planners and hats for donation to the IU-Kenya Partnership, a special partnership between Indiana University School of Medicine and Moi University School of Medicine in Kenya,…

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Keep Motivated in the Cold with Clarian Bariatrics Support Groups!

01/17/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

It’s cold outside, but keep your motivation going by attending Clarian Bariatric’s Support Groups! January 18th 5:30-6:00 p.m. Total Body Fitness *Get moving with Fitness Coach Erin Light! Groups are geared towards all patients and all fitness levels.                              6:00-7:00 p.m. Divided Support Group Pre weight loss surgery and less than one year: “Beating The Winter Blues”, Dr. Kim…

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Soft Foods Post-Weight Loss Surgery Recipe

01/12/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

If you don't remember the original post about the "three food categories" post-weight loss surgery, click here. The website provides a lot of recipe ideas for the different food groups post bariatric surgery. Here is a great one for the "soft foods" group. Remember, please check with your physician to see what type of foods you should be eating. HAM AND BORLOTTI BEAN SOUP WITH TOMATO (click on recipe title to view original recipe online) Ingredients Fry Light cooking…

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Continuing: Commitment to New Years Resolutions

01/11/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

If you missed yesterday's post, I started a New Year's Resolution blog and continued it today. Should people who are trying to stick with a new fitness commitment allow themselves to have weekly indulgences (cheat days or cheat meals)? Generally, it is ok to allow yourself some indulgences even when trying to use exercise as a tool for weight loss. But you have to know your own tendencies and how you might be affected by getting into this habit. If you find yourself having more and more indulgences…

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Maintaining your New Years Resolutions for Fitness and Exercise

01/10/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

Recently, I was asked a few questions about new years resolutions regarding fitness and health in an interview that I thought would be helpful to all of our blog readers. The questions were: What are some of the biggest reasons most people fail with their resolutions (from a fitness/exercise perspective)? What tips/rules would you offer for starting/maintaining a New Year’s resolution (fitness and exercise-wise)? Here are my answers: Setting goals is often considered an art and there are some…

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This Week’s Clarian Bariatrics Support Groups!

01/09/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

It was great to see new faces at Support Group last Tuesday! Keep coming to Support Group to ensure your continued success! Tuesday, January 11th 4:30-5:30 p.m. Open Office Group · Meet with Clarian’s psychologist, Dr. William Hilgendorf as you discuss struggles and successes as you continue with your program. This group is for all pre and post op patients. 5:30-6:00 p.m. Total Body Fitness · Get moving with Fitness Coach, Erin Light. Find ways to get moving and make fitness fun!…

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Stressed in America

01/08/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

Every year, the American Psychological Association (APA) conducts a survey called “Stress in America”. The results of the 2010 survey state a clear message: chronic stress is becoming a public health crisis. Here are some of the findings from the survey: 44% of those who responded to the survey stated that their stress levels have increased over the past five years. The top three sources of stress are: money, work and the economy. “Concerns about personal health” was 6th on…

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Bloomington Hospital, Clarian Health Integration Official

01/07/2011 | Announcements

Bloomington, IN - Today, leaders from Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington Hospital of Orange County, Clarian Health and Bedford Regional Medical Center came together for a ribbon tying ceremony to officially celebrate the integration between the facilities. Bloomington Hospital President & CEO Mark Moore opened the ceremony by welcoming guests and introducing the leaders from Bloomington Hospital of Orange County, Bedford Regional Medical Center (already a Clarian Health Partner) and Clarian. Brief…

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Clarian Bariatrics Clothes Swap!

01/07/2011 | WellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

Are you looking for new clothes? Do you have clothes that you’re ready to get rid of? If you do, think about participating in the Clothing Swap! We now have a Swapping Board in the Seminar Room at the Bariatric Clinic. Next time you’re here, post items you are looking for on the “I Need” side and if you have items to get rid of, post them on the “I Have” side. This is a great way to share your clothes since people go through sizes so quickly! Just remember, communication…

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