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How long will your knee replacement last?

12/04/2014 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

Any time you can avoid an elective surgery, it’s worth consideration. But when it comes to knee replacement, you can wait too long. An arthritic knee can so severely impact your mobility that it leads to obesity and other health complications that outweigh the risks surgery.  In the past, many physicians discouraged knee replacement in people under 60 due to concern about the lifespan of the implants. That’s less of an issue than it once was. “We’re seeing some patients…

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12/04/2014 | Home CareHospice

Facing a terminal diagnosis with a limited life expectancy brings people to several critical questions, not the least of which is, “How can I maintain my quality of life?” Hospice offers hope. For those who don’t know, Hospice does not mean that the patient or family has “given up.”  It simply means that the goal has changed.  It means that the strengths of the patient and family will now be spent pursuing quality of life, comfort and peace.  Patients…

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Injury Report Weekly – Week 13

12/04/2014 | Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Will injuries affect your fantasy football team's chances in the playoffs? Listen to this week's episode of Injury Report Weekly where IU Health Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Robert Klitzman and certified athletic trainer Brandon Spack analyze key NFL injuries and make recommendations for your fantasy football lineups. This week’s report and analysis includes: Zach Mettenberger, QB, Tennessee Titans (discussion starts at :51) Andre Ellington, RB, Arizona…

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Creating a Healthy Holiday Goodie Box

12/04/2014 | WellnessHealthy Eating

The holidays are a time to shower friends and family with love. When loved ones don’t live near, we sometimes have to find ways to show we care from a distance. Sending a healthy holiday goodie box is one way to express your love. Before you begin assembling a goodie box, consider the items your loved one enjoys. What are their hobbies or interests? Choose a gift basket or box to hold your items. Finally, consider creating a goodie box around a theme, like a box filled with baking items. Here…

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When To Call: Frostbite

12/03/2014 | WellnessSafety

Winter is upon us, and the season’s falling temperatures bring an increased risk of frostbite. Frostbite, or frozen body tissue, occurs when you are exposed to cold temperatures for too long. Frostbite typically affects the skin, however it can sometimes cause damage to deeper tissue. It’s impossible to avoid all exposure to cold temperatures this time of year, but you can take steps to help prevent frostbite. Dress in layers of warm clothes if you plan to be outside for longer than a…

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Six Flu Vaccination Myths Debunked

12/02/2014 | Treatments & ServicesPrimary Care

It’s easy to underestimate the seriousness of the flu virus and the impact it can have on your health if left untreated. Myths about the flu vaccine often keep people guessing about its safety and legitimacy. These factors lead many to believe that the flu vaccine is unnecessary or even dangerous. The reality is that thousands of people die each year from flu-related complications, and the flu vaccine is the most reliable way to reduce the chance of contracting the virus. Despite those facts,…

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Ten Reasons to Quit Smoking for Good

12/01/2014 | StoriesWellnessSafety

You know smoking can increase your risk of certain diseases, including lung cancer and heart disease, but it may still be difficult to kick this addicting habit. Besides all of the damaging health effects, smoking has a negative impact on your life in many ways. Here are ten reasons to quit smoking for good: To save money. The average smoker spends around $5,000 each year on cigarettes. In addition to the amount of extra cash you’ll have in your pocket when you stop buying cigarettes, you’ll…

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Mother saves daughter’s life with lung scan

11/26/2014 | Treatments & ServicesCancer

Debbie Kern (left) and her mother, Carol Roudebush Swaynie.

Deborah Kern has been a smoker for 44 years. The 61 year-old from Noblesville, Ind., had begun to develop a nagging cough that concerned her family – particularly her 82 year-old mother, Carol Roudebush Swaynie. “Debbie’s smoking has been a concern of mine for some time and although we’d talked about it, it was never resolved,” said Carol. “One day I picked up the newspaper and it changed our lives.” An avid reader, Carol saw an advertisement in the newspaper…

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3 ways to get a mental edge in your sport

11/26/2014 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

Survey the world’s most elite athletes in any given sport, and you’ll find a negligible difference in skill and fitness, from the best to the worst players who reach those ranks. The small gap between the top and bottom can only be attributed to the mental makeup of the players, according to Kevin Hanlon, a strength and conditioning coach at IU Health Sports Performance. At the high school and college level, Hanlon says mental stamina is probably less of a factor, but it still accounts…

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Five Healthy Replacements for Cigarettes

11/24/2014 | WellnessSafety

If you smoke, you’re probably well aware of the dangers. From anti-smoking television commercials to the Surgeon General’s Warning on cigarette packaging, you’ve heard how smoking negatively affects your body. Who needs another article telling you how horrible your habit is? Instead, how about one that helps you kick it? Smoking can be a difficult habit to overcome, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Replacement therapy is a great way to trick yourself into changing an unhealthy…

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