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Preparing for Your Doctor’s Appointment

07/07/2014 | Wellness

Whether it’s a yearly physical, or you’re sick or injured, you want to get the most of any visit to your doctor. To avoid wasting valuable time, be prepared for every visit to your doctor, using the following pointers. Before the appointment: Review your symptoms. Identify your symptoms or the reason for your visit. Writing them down may help you give a more thorough description of your illness. Be prepared to describe your symptoms, when they began and how often they happen.…

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Six questions to ask about your prescription

07/05/2014 | Wellness

Being prescribed a new medication from your doctor can spark many questions and concerns. Even if you feel foolish or uncertain, it is important not to let those questions go unanswered. Incorrectly taking medication can lead to severe and even dangerous side effects. Your appointment with your doctor is your time to bring up any health concerns you may be having. Your doctor is there to listen, answer questions and provide you with any information you may need. You should feel comfortable asking…

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Six ways to stay healthy at the gym

07/03/2014 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

In 2006, defensive lineman Brandon Noble almost lost a leg because of an infection from methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which can spread through locker room contact. Locker rooms are one of the most overlooked health risks for high school, college and even professional athletes, not to mention fitness enthusiasts who use public or private gyms. Good locker room habits lower the risk of infections that pass from one person to the next, according to Tavio Henson, a strength and…

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Fireworks Safety


Celebrating the fourth of July can be fun with pool parties, cook outs and spending time with friends and family. Make sure you and your loved ones are taking precautions when it is time to set off fireworks. About 7,000 people each year are injured or killed by fireworks in the United States due to the festive holiday. How can I keep my children safe around fireworks? Taking precautions around fireworks is important. Never let children handle fireworks alone or without adult supervision. Even sparklers…

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When Too Much Sun is a Bad Thing

07/03/2014 | WellnessSafety

Soaking up the sun can be a favorite summer pastime. However, sun exposure can lead to sunburn or even sun poisoning (severe sunburn). Don’t panic. No need to give up your hiking, biking and other outdoor activities just yet. You can still enjoy the bright summer weather and protect yourself from the adverse effects of too much sun.  How to Avoid Sun Poisoning You know the basics, apply sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher and remember to reapply every two hours. Also, try covering…

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Practice Fireworks Safety This Fourth of July

07/02/2014 | Safety

According to the National Council of Fireworks Safety, thousands of Americans are injured each year by incidents involving fireworks. As expected, the majority of these injuries occur around the Fourth of July holiday. Most common firework injuries affect the fingers and hands. However, injuries can occur to any part of the body. More serious injuries such as loss of fingers, blindness and hearing loss also can occur. There are still ways to have fun and celebrate, but also reduce the risks of having…

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Seven Fireworks Safety Tips to Remember This Weekend

07/02/2014 | WellnessSafety

Fourth of July weekend is here again! Friends and families are gathering for barbecues and picnics, heading to the nearest body of water for swimming and boating and of course watching a traditional fireworks show when the sun goes down at the end of the day. As long as your state laws are permitting, having fun with fireworks is a great experience to share with your kids on this holiday weekend. Your children will be begging you to stock up on fireworks for the weekend. Firecrackers, snakes, sparklers…

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July Bariatric Support Groups

07/01/2014 | Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss

In-Person Support Group Meetings Monday July 7 IU Health Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss Support Group at 6 pm in Room K130 at IU Health North Hospital IU Health Ball Memorial Muncie Support Group at 6 pm Thursday July 10 IU Health Ball Memorial Muncie Support Group from 9-10 am IU Health Arnett - Lafayette Support Group at 6 pm Thursday July 17 IU Health Ball Memorial Muncie Support Group at 9 am Saturday July 19 North East Group at IU Health Saxony from 10-11 am in the Cafeteria Additional…

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Three ways to help youth baseball pitchers avoid UCL injuries

07/01/2014 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

Major league baseball has had its ups and downs in recent years, and now it’s facing a new threat from an unlikely foe: Little League Baseball and travel baseball teams for kids.  By the time they get to the major leagues, many of today’s pitchers have already worn out their arms due to prolonged stress on the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL), which runs along the forearm just inside the elbow. The American Sports Medicine Institute places the blame on overzealous, year-round training…

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10 Questions Caregivers Need to Ask the Doctor

07/01/2014 | WellnessHome Care

Being a caregiver is both rewarding and challenging. With all you do, you may sometimes become overwhelmed. This is especially true during visits to your loved one’s physician. Receiving new information and instructions may cause you to forget to ask important questions. It may help to write out a list of questions before the next appointment. Be sure to ask your loved one if they have any questions as well. Ask Questions As you try to understand your loved one’s condition and how…

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