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What You Need to Know About HPV

08/28/2014 | CancerWomen's Health

What is HPV? HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is a sexually transmitted infection that causes oral and anogenital disease in both males and females, including some types of cancer.   In particular, it is responsible for almost all cases of cervical cancer in women and is the most common cause of anogenital warts.  There are several subtypes of the HPV virus, some of which are more likely to cause cancer than others. What are the signs and symptoms of HPV infection? Most patients with HPV…

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When heartburn is esophageal cancer

07/31/2014 | Cancer

Jay Renberger used to frequently wake up throughout the night to pop antacid tablets. His heartburn and stomach issues were constant. Like many people, he thought he simply suffered from nagging heartburn. The 48-year-old father of two from Walkerton, Ind., didn’t realize that what he was experiencing was far more serious than acid reflux: he was diagnosed with early stage esophageal cancer. Jay was given about five years to live if he didn’t take action. “The diagnosis was overwhelming,”…

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The HPV Vaccine: Safeguard Your Daughters and Sons from Certain Cancers.

06/22/2014 | Treatments & ServicesCancerIU Health Physicians

When all children and young adults are vaccinated, we can eradicate certain forms of cancer caused by HPV, or human papillomavirus. Yet some parents are not availing themselves of this medical advancement to protect their children. Some sobering statistics. HPV is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that affects more than six million people in the United States every year. It is the most common STI and is responsible for over 70 percent of cervical cancers in women and more than half of other…

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How It Works:  Sunscreen

06/09/2014 | Cancer

It’s at our side throughout the summer or else we pay dearly for it. Many of us have known for most of our lives that sunscreen prevents sunburns, which can cause skin cancer. But what do you really know about those tubes of ointment and how they work? Dr. Lawrence Mark, dermatologist at the IU Health Simon Cancer Center, breaks it down: What is sunscreen? Sunscreen is any product that helps to reduce or limit exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This can be in the form of a protective film,…

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The Truth About Mammograms

05/20/2014 | IU Health PhysiciansCancer

While regular mammograms are a recommended part of preventive healthcare, some women delay scheduling them for a variety of reasons. Understanding the facts – and dispelling the myths – of mammography can help relieve anxiety and shed light on why undergoing regular screening mammograms is so important. Family history – Most women diagnosed with breast cancer – nearly 85 percent – have no family history of the disease. If breast cancer does run in your family, you’re…

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Tracy Jaisle & her family on the field when she was the

From zero to breast cancer diagnosis in ten days

04/03/2014 | Cancer

Tracy Jaisle went from a healthy 38 year-old who ran three times a week to a woman with stage-2 breast cancer… all within a week and a half. A stickler for doing regular self-exams, Tracy noticed a lump while in the shower on a Monday night. The busy mother of two had an appointment by Wednesday, a mammogram by Monday, a biopsy Thursday and a diagnosis on Friday, August 9, 2013. “A cancer diagnosis turns your world upside down,” says Tracy. “You go from running three days…

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Music Therapist Tony Medeiros works with a patient at the IU Health Simon Cancer Center.

The Healing Power of Music

03/20/2014 | Cancer

A patient wanted to hear a song her mother sang to her as a child. One family requested “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to play as they said goodbye to their grandfather at his bedside. Music therapy at the IU Health Simon Cancer Center offers a comforting soundtrack to the lives of patients and families. “I lend support where it’s needed- whether it’s a patient of deep faith wanting to hear ‘Amazing Grace’ or a younger man who wants to hear outlaw country music…

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What Do Cancer and NASA Have in Common?

02/25/2014 | Cancer

The answer: proton therapy. A facility born out of physics research at Indiana University in Bloomington, the IU Health Proton Therapy Center now treats patients from all over the country with a powerful tool to treat adult and pediatric cancers. The IU Health Proton Center grew out of the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility. If that sounds like a space-age endeavor, it was. In 1941, one of the world’s first cyclotrons was built at IU for use in physics research. A cyclotron uses large magnets…

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50 Years After the Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking

01/16/2014 | Cancer

Back in 1963, the year prior to the groundbreaking Surgeon General’s 1964 Report on Smoking and Health, Americans could smoke in movie theaters, airplanes and schools. Physicians advertised which cigarettes they’d recommend. Patients in hospitals could even light up in their rooms. Things are quite different now. January 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of this landmark 1964 report, often considered the most important health report ever written and estimated to have prevented 8 million…

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Lily’s Lemonade for Cancer Caregivers

12/24/2013 | CancerEvents

On the day before Christmas Eve, the infusion (chemotherapy) area of the IU Health Simon Cancer Center is very busy as patients receive their last treatment before the holidays. A seven-year-old girl name Lily Snyder pulls a red wagon around the infusion unit. “Hi. My name is Lily. I raised money through a lemonade stand to buy care packages for caregivers.” A first-grader at Kitley Elementary School in Franklin Township, Lily is spending the first day of her Christmas vacation handing…

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