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Trauma center takes selfie to support safer community

07/14/2014 | CommunitySafety

With more than 70 homicides so far in 2014, Indianapolis is on pace to make this year the most violent the city has ever recorded. Such harsh realities are felt by the entire community, and especially by medical staff at the state’s largest trauma center. Violent injuries rank among the top three reasons why people are taken to the Level I Trauma Center at IU Health Methodist Hospital, which treats more than 3,600 patients with traumatic injuries each year. In fact, nearly 15 percent of cases…

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Let’s Talk About Healthcare and Medicare

11/21/2013 | CommunityAnnouncements

We’ve been talking about open enrollment for a Medicare Advantage plan, which runs through Dec. 7, 2013. If you’re already in a Medicare Advantage plan and don’t need to make changes, then you don’t need to do a thing. If you are considering changes, you can find valuable tips about things to consider when renewing your policy here. Almost every American over age 65 depends on Medicare for health insurance, but talking about healthcare can seem confusing and at times overwhelming.…

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Beth’s Legacy of Hope

05/20/2013 | CommunityAnnouncements

When Beth Stayer, 34, a registered nurse working at IU Health North Hospital was beaten to death by her ex-husband in 2009, her co-workers were shocked and grief stricken. IU Health Methodist Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center, where Beth was treated, turned the tragedy into a legacy of hope. A collaborate effort between IU Health Methodist Trauma Services and the Forensics unit aimed their goals at spreading awareness about the warning signs of domestic violence. “The need for some sort…

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05/06/2013 | CommunityAnnouncementsWellness

When you are at your best, you can best live the Indiana University Health promise of assurance. Inspire others with your story or tips on how to improve well-being at the updated Pulse page: Two IU Health team members who submit a comment will be randomly selected to win a pair of suite tickets to upcoming events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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Garden on the Go® to Benefit from Whole Foods Market®

01/03/2013 | CommunityGarden on the Go

WHAT: Whole Foods Market has a history of establishing a deep commitment to each of the communities it serves. As part of that commitment, Whole Foods Market holds quarterly Community Support Days, in which five percent of a day’s sales are donated to a local nonprofit organization. Whole Foods Market stores in Indiana will honor that commitment by donating 5 percent of one day’s sales to Garden on the Go®. Garden on the Go® is Indiana University Health’s year-round mobile…

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Our G.O.A.L: Engaged and Healthy Patients

10/17/2012 | Community

The mission of IU Health Bloomington’s G.O.A.L. (Get Onboard Active Living) Program is a powerful one: provide kids and families with the tools and support needed to make positive, life-long changes in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and behavioral habits. Several months ago, when the team met 13-year old Michael for the first time, they were introduced to a young man not unlike others who had been referred to the program. “He was in middle school, and that can be a tough age for kids,”…

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Garden on the Go: From Produce Truck to Produce Program

09/26/2012 | CommunityGarden on the Go

Kristofer Karol, a Public Relations Specialist with Indiana University Health, takes an inside look at Garden on the Go.   I’ve been following Garden on the Go since before it started hitting Indianapolis streets in May 2011. Since then, Garden on the Go has grown from a mobile produce truck into a mobile produce program. In the beginning, it was simple: Indianapolis has lots of “food deserts,” or areas lacking access to fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables. The answer?…

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Have Fun, Be Healthy at Indiana State Fair

08/09/2012 | CommunityEvents

Food, Fun and the Chance to Win an Apple iPad! When you think of the Indiana State Fair, you probably think delicious deep fried treats. But this year, calorie-conscious fairgoers are in luck: Indiana University Health will be offering healthy food tips and samples as part of IU Health Day on August 12th. It’s all part of IU Health’s effort to bring healthcare into Indiana’s neighborhoods. The Healthy Hoosier Throwdown will feature several local chefs and celebrities including…

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When education and health care collide: part 1

08/06/2012 | CommunityTreatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

A decades-old partnership between Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) and Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital has grown into a national model for sports medicine in urban schools. Now managed by IU Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Team Leader Kathy Sparks, the partnership began in 1990 when Sparks was hired as an athletic trainer for seven IPS high schools. Sparks noticed how many athletic injuries occurred after hours when no medical help was available. She encouraged IPS to hire…

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Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act

07/05/2012 | CommunityAnnouncements

So, you’ve heard the news coverage of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Accountable Care Act  and you may be left wondering what impact the decision will have on you and your family. Recently, in a 5 to 4 decision, the United States Supreme Court upheld the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Specifically, the individual mandate requiring all Americans to buy health insurance was found to be constitutional, while the Medicaid expansion was essentially made optional…

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