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A Guide to Achieving Your Summer Fitness Goals

07/24/2015 | WellnessExercise

With the arrival of summer, you may have a series of fitness goals that you are trying to achieve. Whether it’s building strength, or looking good in a bathing suit, sticking to summer health goals is tough. There are some tried and true methods however to keep you on track as you try to get healthier this summer. 1. Get an accountability buddy. It’s easier to quit a fitness routine when you go it alone. However, if you have a partner- a workout buddy, or a diet buddy, you can be…

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Heat Safety

07/23/2015 | ExerciseSafety

Summer is a time for swimming, relaxing and fun in the sun, time to play outside and enjoy the beautiful sunny day. Although, they say sunshine is good for you heat from the sun can be harmful. It is important to be careful on those hot summer days. Too much heat can cause you to pass out, get weak or cramp up. What are the health impacts of extreme heat?         Most heat – related illnesses occur when victims have been overexposed to heat or have over…

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5 Ways to Help Your Mother As She Ages

07/20/2015 | WellnessExerciseHealthy Eating

For the first two and half decades of your life, your mother probably took care of you. She changed your diaper as a baby and saved money so you could go to college. As your mother ages, it’s your turn to help her. Helping an aging parent can be challenging- you may not even know where to start. Here are 5 simple ways you can help your mom maintain her health as she ages. 1. Spend time with her… exercising. Oftentimes, convincing an aging parent to get enough exercise can be extremely…

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How to Combat Shin Splints While Running

07/16/2015 | WellnessExercise

Running is a great form of exercise. It’s fun, burns calories, and it’s free. However, many people run into a big problem when they set out to incorporate it into their fitness routine. Often runners can experience pain in their legs, specifically their shins that makes running unpleasant. This pain is referred to as shin splints. What are Shin Splints? Shin splints is pain that occurs in the front side of your lower leg. Shin splints are normally caused by repetitive exercise like running.…

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Benefits of Walking

07/09/2015 | WellnessExercise

Walking is a low-impact form of exercise that is free and easy and suits people of all ages and most abilities. Regular physical activity has a direct effect on your blood’s HDL (good) cholesterol level. Walking can also help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol by helping you reduce your weight and stress. What are the benefits of walking? It strengthens your heart. Regular walking has proven to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. It affects your cholesterol levels. Regular physical activity…

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2015 Indy Moms Survey Results

07/06/2015 | WellnessExerciseHealthy EatingMental Wellness

Earlier this year, Indiana University Health conducted a survey of 280 Indianapolis area moms about health. Our goal was to learn what’s important to Indy moms in order to provide you with health and wellness advice that will improve your family’s daily lives. Here are the results of the 2015 Indy Moms Survey. 1: How do Indy moms grade their own health and the health of their kids? 53% of Indy moms give their families a B when it comes to health and wellness. 48% report that their kids…

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4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Gym Membership

06/25/2015 | WellnessExercise

Joining a gym is easy. In fact, it can be too easy. Many people join gyms, go regularly for a few weeks, and then drop off, continuing to pay for membership without actually using it. The trick to being a gym member is using the gym consistently and making sure you work out properly to get the results you desire. How can you make the most out of your gym membership? 1. Make it easy. Pick a gym near your work or home. You know your routine better than anyone but studies show that people who join gyms…

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A Day in the Dunes: 4 Healthy Activities to Do While Visiting the Indiana Dunes

06/16/2015 | WellnessExercise

If you are looking to get out of the city for a few days for some rest and relaxation, then it might be time to head to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. With gorgeous views of Lake Michigan, charming campgrounds, miles of trails and more, the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is a beautiful national park right here in Indiana. While some people prefer sitting back and relaxing on vacation, others prefer to run, jump and explore. If you are the type of person who lives a healthy, active lifestyle,…

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5 Home Workouts You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Fewer

06/15/2015 | WellnessExercise

According to the 2015 Indy Moms Survey, 70% of Indianapolis moms worry that they don’t get enough exercise. For 21% of moms, lack of exercise is their number one personal health concern. Many moms find they simply don’t have enough time to exercise regularly. Here are five easy ways to incorporate exercise into your day, even if you’re strapped for time. 1. Walk, jog, run. Walking, jogging, and running are easy, inexpensive, and they don’t need to take a lot of time. According…

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6 Ways You Can Prevent Overexertion Injuries

05/28/2015 | WellnessExercise

If you live an active lifestyle- exercising more than 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week, there’s a fairly good chance that you are at high risk for overexertion injuries. Injuries like tendonitis are very common amongst people who live active lives. Even if you live a relatively passive lifestyle, you can end up overexerting yourself and causing physical harm. In fact, overexertion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome are a common type of worker’s compensation claim in the United States.…

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