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Three reasons to add strength training to your routine

07/29/2014 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicineExercise

Even the most devoted fitness fans have a tendency to overemphasize cardiovascular exercise. That practice can have adverse health effects when it excludes training for strength, according to Mike Morrison, a sports performance coach at IU Health Sport Performance. “I wish I could get everyone to look at strength training as a legitimate means of staying healthy,” says Morrison. Whether you’re a young athlete playing basketball several nights a week or a middle-aged grandparent,…

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Avoid Overheating in the Summer Sun

07/19/2014 | WellnessExercise

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, but only if you do so wisely. Too much time in the sun can lead to heat-related illnesses, such as dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat stroke can cause brain damage or even be deadly in some cases.  You are especially at risk for a heat related illness if your activities involve a lot of physical exertion. It’s important to pay attention to the weather forecast and decide if it’s too hot…

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How to Avoid Bug Bites This Summer

07/14/2014 | Exercise

Summer is a time for playing outdoors and for the most part, that time is enjoyable. There is one little pesky problem: bug bites. Most bug bites are harmless, however itchy they may leave us after. Others can be more dangerous, including those that spread Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and West Nile virus. Keeping the bug bites to a minimum may be as easy as taking a few precautions. Try the following tips to avoid getting bitten this summer: Avoid bug-infested areas. Check for insect…

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Three exercises you can do with your baby

06/20/2014 | WellnessExercise

Being a new parent can be a stressful and busy time. Finding time for yourself can be hard, and you may think it is nearly impossible to maintain a workout routine. Why not combine both worlds, and try working out with your baby? There are many exercises that can be fun and beneficial for you and your baby. Try these: This is a great exercise to work your core muscles and tone up your waistline. All you need is a pillow (or something to prop yourself up with) and a yoga mat or towel. Sit in a reclined…

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Three reasons swimming is a GREAT workout

06/20/2014 | WellnessExercise

High temperatures make it hard to get motivated to go outside and exercise during the summer. If you want to work out and still enjoy the summer sun, try swimming! Swimming will cool you off and give you a great work out because while you are swimming, the water around you disperses your body’s heat, preventing you from overheating. Swimming also offers many surprising benefits that you can’t get with dry-land exercises. It is highly recommended by athletic trainers and physicians alike…

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The best fuel for your kids’ body before, during and after a sporting event.

06/20/2014 | WellnessExerciseHealthy Eating

Summer can be a busy time if your children are participating in baseball games, swim meets or other sporting events. You make sure they have their team uniforms, water bottles and equipment before they head out the door. But are you making sure they are practicing healthy eating habits before, during and after their workout? Healthy eating before, during and after events is important to ensure your child is performing to the best of his or her ability. Here are some guidelines for choosing the…

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Five Tips To Start Swimming for Exercise

06/18/2014 | WellnessExercise

Swimming laps can be one of the hardest workouts to adjust to, even if you exercise regularly. Finding your breathing pattern and learning how to move through the water can take some time, but the effort is worth it. Swimming works out your entire body, building muscle and raising your heart rate without putting force on your joints. Make swimming your new favorite workout by following these tips for beginners: Sign up for some refresher swimming classes. Having the correct form while swimming…

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Go For A Walk (You’ll Be Surprised By The Benefits)

06/16/2014 | WellnessExercise

Walking is commonly overlooked for how useful it can be for your health. Not only is it a great form of cardiovascular activity, but it also has mental benefits. Here are some ways walking helps you live a healthy lifestyle. Walking for exercise on a regular basis can help improve your posture and balance. Whether you are sitting at a desk all day or standing on your feet, strengthening your balance and posture can help you get through your day easier. Walking has many mental benefits. It can help…

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Four tips to help high-school and college athletes capitalize on off-season training

06/12/2014 | ExerciseOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

As a certified strength and conditioning coach, Nick Brattain understands the science of rest and recovery as an aid to optimal athletic performance. But Brattain’s passion for urging student athletes to use the off-season strategically is based on something more than science. He’s also motivated by a desire to keep others from repeating the error he made as a college athlete.   “Halfway through track season, we were getting more and more competitive, and I tore an…

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No Guilt Exercise

05/14/2014 | WellnessExercise

Let’s face it: our schedules are packed. Whether you’re a parent juggling your family’s schedule, or you’re working long hours on the job, it can be hard to find time to exercise. Many times we feel guilty if we take the time for ourselves to work out. You may feel like you should be doing something else, usually for someone else, instead of working out. It can be hard to put yourself first. But the fact is, if you do not take time to care for yourself, you cannot be your…

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