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Healthy Eating Tips for the Holiday Season

12/07/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

What is sweeter than pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or cookies for Santa? Quality time spent with loved ones. Frequently during the holidays, the primary focus for many becomes the food, accounting for some of the weight gained during this season of the year.  Food is vital, we need food to survive and I love all kinds of food, just as much as the next person.  After working with patients who want to lose weight for nearly ten years, I have found that knowing more about the food they…

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Holiday Eating

11/13/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. It is a time to catch up with family and friends. It may also be a time for over-eating and weight gain. According to the National Institutes of Health, people tend to gain an extra pound or two every year. It does not sound like much, but holiday weight gain can really add up over lifetime. You can avoid weight gain by focusing on healthy and balanced meals and staying active with family and friends. Here are some tips for holiday eating to help you stay healthy…

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Heart Healthy Halloween: 3 (Not-So) Scary Recipes

10/21/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

As an adult celebrating Halloween, you may be planning on having a party with friends or family. Finding healthy recipes on Halloween can be scary. Here are 3 ideas for recipes for your Halloween party this year that are good for your heart: Pumpkin Soup Serves 4-5 Ingredients: Olive Oil 1 can  pumpkin puree 1 half an onion, diced 1 carrot, diced 4 cloves of garlic, crushed 3 cups of chicken or vegetable stock Salt and pepper to taste In a large pot, set heat to medium and add olive oil to coat…

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5 Heart Healthy Recipes Your Family Will Love

10/06/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

When you get home after a long day, you want to put together healthy, hearty meals for your family’s dinner.  Here are 5 recipes that you can make quickly that are also delicious and healthy. Slow Cooker Chicken and Salsa Ingredients: 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 16 oz container of your favorite salsa Salt Pepper Instructions: Before you leave for the day, toss 4 chicken breasts (lightly seasoned with salt and pepper) and 1 16 ounce jar of salsa into your slow cooker. Set to low…

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How Increasing Your Water Intake for 30 Days Can Change Your Health

10/01/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

Water is an essential part of your body. According to the United States Geological Survey, water makes up the majority of your body. This is why drinking plenty of it has such a positive impact on your overall health. In order to improve your health, set yourself a challenge - drink 1 to 2 more glasses of water per day for a month. If you complete this challenge, here are some positive health changes you might see: Better joint function. According to the Center for Disease Control, water helps your…

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7 Tips For Starting a New Exercise Routine and Sticking To It

09/25/2015 | WellnessExerciseHealthy Eating

Exercising regularly is essential for a healthy life. Incorporating exercise into what may be an already busy schedule can be difficult. So, how do you start an exercise routine, and stick to it? Here are 7 tips to help you out: 1. Get a buddy. Whether it’s your spouse or a friend, having someone to keep you accountable can be a key step in a successful workout regimen. Find a friend to challenge you and pass the time with on a long run or during yoga. 2. Keep a journal. It’s hard to…

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Vitamin D Deficiency: 5 Facts About Vitamin D

09/25/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

If you look at a label on a bottle of milk, you may notice the words “fortified with vitamin D.” What is vitamin D exactly? Why does your body need it? Here are 5 facts about vitamin D: 1. What is vitamin D? Vitamin D is an organic compound that is necessary for bone growth.  Vitamin D, working with other nutrients and hormones in the body, regulates normal levels of calcium that are essential for the health of your bones.  It is especially important during childhood and adolescence…

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Harvest Time- 6 Foods That Are in Season this Fall

09/14/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

The end of summer may mean less time on the beach and more time inside, but it also means fall has returned. As kids head back to school and temperatures begin to dip, fall foods begin to come into season. Favorites like bright red apples and savory pumpkin are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 6 favorite foods that are in season right now in Indiana. Apples. This versatile fruit is great as a snack, and is also delicious baked into a pie, or muffins. Apples are also good in savory dishes like…

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What Are the Health Benefits of the Paleo Diet?

09/14/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

Right now, there are many trendy diets, but the most unique might just be the paleo diet. The idea behind the paleo diet is to get healthy by eating like a caveman. Specifically, it encourages practitioners to eat meat, nuts, fruits and vegetables while passing on dairy, bread, legumes, alcohol and sugar. The idea is that the unhealthiest foods in our diet are modern creations. These processed foods, heavy in sugars and gluten, aren’t good for the body according to paleo practitioners. There…

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