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Facts About Soda and Sugar Substitutes

02/23/2014 | IU Health PhysiciansHealthy Eating

Soda is getting a lot of press these days. Numerous health studies have been published about the potential risks of drinking soda – both regular and diet. While sugar-filled sodas have been linked to weight gain and even obesity, diet drinks are also scrutinized. In fact, recent research suggests that diet drinks may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Both regular and diet sodas are not only linked to obesity, but kidney damage and certain cancers. Considering the overall impact…

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Help Your Kids Build Stronger Bones

12/03/2013 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicineWellnessExerciseHealthy Eating

Take a drive through any residential neighborhood and you’ll notice something missing from the landscape: kids seldom play outside. Whether it’s caused by greater access to indoor entertainment, budgets that trim physical education from schools, or concern about safety, it’s becoming obvious that kids’ sedentary lifestyles can have an effect on their adult health. “Because kids aren’t as active and they aren’t consuming enough calcium and vitamin…

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Healthy Food Hacks for the Holidays

11/21/2013 | IU Health PhysiciansHealthy Eating

If eating healthy is on your “to-do” list this holiday season, take heart. With planning and helpful nutritional information, there are easy ways to eat healthier during the holidays – and still enjoy some of your favorite seasonal foods. In fact, knowing just a few good food substitutes can help trim calories from holiday meals without compromising flavor, and boost nutritional value. Here are some examples: Instead of using oil in baked goods, choose non-fat yogurt or applesauce.…

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Six Strategies for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

11/05/2013 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicineWellnessExerciseHealthy Eating

Getting through the holidays without having your healthy diet derailed is tough. Among the obstacles are relatives who pout when you only take a small portion of their famous recipe or friends who continually offer to refill your drink at a party. Even the most disciplined people can have their healthy intentions sabotaged on special occasions and holidays, according to Heather Fink, a registered dietitian with Indiana University Health Sports Performance. Here are Fink’s tips for staying sane…

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Nutrient-Dense Foods Help Menopausal Women Control Weight and Improve Bone Health

09/13/2013 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicineWomen's HealthHealthy Eating

Science shows that a woman’s fat cells are bigger, more active and more resistant to dieting than a man’s. During menopause, those cells are actually healthy for our well-being because they help produce the estrogen needed for fewer side effects, including hot flashes, mood swings and sleep disruption. Staying fit and healthy during menopause doesn’t mean you have to declare war on your fat-storing physiology, but you may have to re-educate yourself about what and how much to eat,…

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Two Hints for Managing Menopausal Weight Gain

09/11/2013 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicineWomen's HealthWellnessHealthy Eating

It’s no secret that maintaining an ideal body weight is easier on the joints. But for many menopausal women, controlling weight is a vicious battle, sabotaged by a variety of factors—from less energy to a slower metabolism. “Weight gain is directly and indirectly related to how you feel during menopause,” says Heather Fink, a registered dietitian and consultant for Indiana University Health Sports Performance. “You might find that your sleep is disrupted, and that has…

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Under Cover Veggies

08/25/2013 | Healthy Eating

Struggling to get your kids to eat their vegetables? It may be time to get sneaky. Although it’s still best to encourage kids to eat a variety of healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables, it can be hard when they adamantly refuse. The USDA recommends five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, so what’s a parent to do when kids refuse to even take a single bite? Don’t panic. There are ways to sneak in servings of vegetables without your kids even realizing they're…

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Strategies to Help Your Kids Eat Healthy

07/23/2013 | IU Health PhysiciansHealthy Eating

In the era of microwave mac and cheese and chicken nuggets, it is a challenge to get children to eat well. Using a little creativity and advance planning, there are strategies to help your kids get the nutrients they need from healthy foods.  First, if you are pregnant or considering having another child, some research shows that children’s taste preferences may actually start developing in the womb. This means that a pregnant woman’s diet may have some effect on the foods her child…

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Safe and Healthy Eating All Summer Long

05/20/2013 | Healthy EatingVolunteer

Memorial Day is upon us and with it the beginning of a summer full of delicious outdoor eating. Whether you plan to picnic or fix dinner on the grill, it’s wise to keep in mind a few health and safety tips. Britney Merchant, MA, RD, Clinical Dietitian/Diabetes Educator at Indiana University Health Diabetes Center offers her ideal Memorial Day menu, along with tips to keep any summer gathering healthy and fun: Britney’s Ideal Memorial Day Menu Beverages Fruit flavored water (soak fruit…

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Sarah Muntel, RD, published in OAC magazine! Kid’s Corner - “Picky Eaters”

05/06/2013 | Bariatric & Medical Weight LossHealthy Eating

Sarah Muntel, RD at IU Health Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss, was published in the Spring 2013 issue of "Your Weight Matters Magazine", a publication of Obesity Action Coalition. Sarah wrote the Kid's Corner article, giving advice on "picky eaters" (which we all know kids can sometimes be!). In her article, Sarah talked about all ages, from toddlers to kids ages 9-13. She gave advice on how to be "sneaky" and talks about how food presentation really does matter. To read the full article…

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