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How to juggle work and being a caregiver

06/30/2014 | Treatments & ServicesMental Wellness

Providing care for a loved one who is unable to live independently can often feel overwhelming. With the challenges of raising a family, managing a home and the day-to-day responsibilities of caregiving competing for your attention, it may seem nearly impossible to maintain your career, too. However, juggling a career and being a caregiver is more common than you may think. Approximately 66 percent of caregivers also work outside of the home in a part- or full-time position. If you’re a working…

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Understanding Depression in Men

06/22/2014 | IU Health PhysiciansMental Wellness

Clinical depression is a disease that affects both women and men. In fact, it’s estimated that more than six million men in the United States suffer from depression. For both males and females, symptoms of depression include loss of interest in enjoyable activities, fatigue, appetite changes, difficulty sleeping and apathy. When it comes to depression, the difference between men and women is often observed in how males and females express the symptoms. While women may tend to feel sad when…

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How Relationships Influence Our Health

06/22/2014 | Treatments & ServicesMental WellnessIU Health Physicians

Relationships are an important part of life. We continually work to develop strong, healthy relationships with spouses, significant others, children, parents and friends. Maintaining good relationships requires time and effort, but the investment is worth it, especially when it comes to our health and well-being. In fact, happy, fulfilling relationships benefit us in a number of ways: Support and encouragement – Whether we need someone to listen or offer encouragement, it’s important…

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Got the Winter Blues? You Might Have SAD

02/23/2014 | Treatments & ServicesMental WellnessIU Health Physicians

It may go by several euphemistic names, but seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a very real condition that can affect your mood, your concentration, and your health. However, there are a few things you can do to lift your spirits. As the name implies, seasonal affective disorder usually begins in the fall and continues throughout winter. While we can’t pin down the specific cause of SAD (genetics, age, and your body’s own chemical makeup can play a role), the medical community believes…

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Keeping Student Athletes Mentally Fit Gains Support

11/14/2013 | Treatments & ServicesMental WellnessOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

The risks of being a college athlete aren’t just physical. Student athletes carry added responsibilities and performance pressure that can take a toll on mental health, too. Injuries, concussions or addictions acquired to relieve prolonged stress or physical pain can set student athletes up for serious behavioral and mental difficulties that need care and treatment. That’s the reason for new guidelines, introduced to help school administrators, physicians, athletic trainers mental health…

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Memory Loss and Keeping Your Mind Sharp

08/21/2013 | IU Health PhysiciansMental Wellness

How does our ability to remember things change as we age? It’s a question many people – especially those in their middle and later years – often ask. Others want to know if the memory loss they’re experiencing is normal and what they can do to improve information retention and memory. It’s important to know that random lapse of memory is a common part of aging. It also can be caused by fatigue and stress in our daily lives. It’s not unusual to experience occasional…

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Caregivers: Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

06/23/2013 | IU Health PhysiciansMental Wellness

Whether you are newly transitioning into the role of caregiver, or you’ve been tackling the responsibility for some time, you can — and should — take time for yourself and your own family. The stressors. One of the most important things to understand about accepting the role of caregiver is that it may tax you not only physically, but emotionally as well. If your loved one is suffering from mobility issues, physical tasks such as lifting can put a real strain on your body. If your…

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Feeling Down? Could it be Seasonal Affective Disorder or Depression?

12/04/2012 | Treatments & ServicesMental WellnessIU Health Physicians

Although the holidays bring good cheer, they are followed by the dark, cold days of winter – a season that’s difficult for many. Physiologically, the body responds to the absence of light and colder temperatures by entering a dormant phase characterized by lower energy and a slowing of body systems. Some people also experience low mood during winter. This condition is referred to as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD symptoms can usually be managed by spending more daylight time outdoors,…

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4 ways to beat the winter blues

02/01/2012 | Mental Wellness

This time of year, it seems the only two things winter has to offer are cold temperatures and darkness. Spending long days cooped up inside, we may feel less energized and grow increasingly moody or anxious. “Winter blues can be a byproduct of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),” said Carol Juergensen Sheets, a behavioral psychologist with IU Health. “It’s estimated that nearly 6 percent of Americans are affected by SAD, and the effects are comparable to major depression.”…

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Dealing With Loss During the Holidays

12/16/2011 | Mental Wellness

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is never easy, and it is especially difficult during the holidays. No matter how prepared a person believes they are, grief has a way of creeping up during the holiday months. To grieve the loss of someone is a natural process that people deal with on different levels. Sometimes a person is able to come to terms with the loss quickly and able to function normally. However, in some instances, such as a sudden, unexpected loss, coming to terms with what…

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