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5 Common Myths About Knee Replacement

09/02/2015 | Treatments & ServicesPhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

If you suffer years of knee pain before considering joint replacement, you are bound to have some expectations for life after surgery. From getting out of pain to recovering lost abilities, achieving a better lifestyle is the main reason for having surgery in the first place. All too often, joint replacement patients go into surgery with a distorted view of what comes afterward, according to Jan George, PT, DPT, OCS, a physical therapist at Indiana University Health Saxony Hospital. Here are five…

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Colt’s Game Day- 5 Healthy Game Day Dishes

09/02/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

Autumn is right around the corner. This means it’s time to break out your sweater, grab a pumpkin flavored beverage and get ready for some football. As the Colts get ready to take on the rest of the NFL on the road to the Super Bowl, you can get ready to sit down in front of the TV, and feast on these 5 healthy game day dishes. Wings. Yes, wings. Baked (instead of fried) chicken wings can be a healthy dish on game day. Try to use a sauce that’s low in sugar like teriyaki or buffalo sauce.…

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Kim Nguyen, Guest Relations Associate at the Neuroscience Center, survived two brain tumors and brain cancer.

Kimformation: When a Job is a Personal Mission


You’ll notice Kim Nguyen from several yards away, warmly greeting every guest who walks past her information desk at IU Health Neuroscience Center. She remembers small details about their lives and personally guides each one to his or her appointment.  “Patients call me ‘Kimformation,’” she smiles.  Many team members at IU Health feel their work serves a greater mission. Guest Relations Associate Kim Nguyen believes she was meant to greet patients at the IU…

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One Week’s Worth of Healthy Lunches

09/02/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

Sometimes the secret to successful healthy eating is planning. Planning your meals ahead makes healthy eating easier. You can even make your lunches ahead of time for the work-week to make sure you are extra prepared. You want meals that are healthy, delicious and different enough day-to-day that you won’t get bored.  To help you out, here is a week’s worth of healthy lunches to take you from Monday to Friday. Each of these lunches has fewer than 600 calories, and plenty of protein…

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IU Health President and CEO Daniel F. Evans, Jr. (left) announces plans to retire; Dennis M. Murphy (right) promoted to President

IU Health President and CEO Evans announces plans to retire; Murphy promoted to President


Tuesday, Indiana University Health President and Chief Executive Officer Daniel F. Evans, Jr. announced his plan for retirement. Evans will relinquish his role as president but will continue to serve as the statewide health system’s CEO until May 1, 2016. As part of the succession plan, current IU Health Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Dennis M. Murphy will be promoted to president of the organization, effective immediately, and become CEO as well on May 1, 2016. Murphy…

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The Physical Effects of Emotion

08/27/2015 | Wellness

When you are happy, sad, or angry, it affects you- not just mentally but physically as well. Your mind and body are connected, and your mental state affects your physical well-being. This is why taking care of mental health and emotions is often integral to taking care of your physical health as well. Here are some ways that emotions affect the body. Emotions like sadness and anger can have a harmful impact on your physical health, especially if they occur regularly over a long period of time. People…

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Which Outdoor Activities Burn the Most Calories?

08/26/2015 | WellnessExercise

If you have been looking to start a fitness regimen that includes working out outside, now is a great time to start. Getting outside is a good way to enjoy nature’s beauty, keeping you motivated to work out. To get the most out of outdoor workouts, you may want to know which activities burn the most calories. Here is a list of exercises you can do outside, and how many calories they burn on average for a person weighing about 155 lbs over the course of 30 minutes. Walking.  149 calories…

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The Importance of Keeping Your Mind Sharp (And 4 Ways to Do It)


Your brain is in many ways the most important organ in your body. Without it, you couldn’t read books, talk to your family and friends or do your job. As we age, our brain functions become less sharp. However, they don’t have to. There are many ways to keep your mental acuity strong as you get older. Mental sharpness is essential for performing almost every single task that you need to complete in your life. Here are 4 ways to keep your brain sharp as you age. 1. Read a book. Reading…

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Whether it’s your first semester away from home or you’re finishing up your final credits, heading back to campus can take its toll on your

8 Simple Reminders To Keep College Students Healthy And Safe While Heading Back To Campus

08/25/2015 | Wellness

Whether it’s your first semester away from home or you’re finishing up your final credits, heading back to campus can take its toll on your health. Indiana University Health experts, including primary care physician Dr. Scott Renshaw, offer some simple tips to keep you healthy and safe during the exciting time of your life: 1 – Eat Right Use portion control Make time for breakfast Always have healthy snacks on hand Vary your meals 2 – Make Sleep A Priority Avoid…

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September 2015 Bariatric Support Groups


IU Health Bariatrics at IU Health North, Suite 350, Carmel Indiana 46032 Main Office: 317.688.2647 Fax: 317.688.2921 Questions for the Dietitian? Call 317.688.5022 IU Health ~ Bariatric Support Group Information Sept 7 Due to Labor Day, no support group at IU Health North Sept 10 6:00 p.m.  IU Health Arnett Hospital Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss Support Group (Rm AG411) Sept 14 6:00 pm  IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital  Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss Support Group…

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