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Calista’s Story | Standing Up to Back Pain

10/05/2011 | StoriesPatient StoriesStories of StrengthTreatments & ServicesNeuroscienceOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

From time to time, we all experience aches and pains. But for Calista White, severe back pain was part of her daily life. Calista was born with a congenital muscle and spine disorder that causes her to ache and limits her mobility. And her pain only worsened when her spine began to collapse and pinch her nerves. “It feels like you shouldn’t be standing up,” she explained, “It is like someone has a sharp sword down your leg.” Eventually, Calista decided to stand up to…

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Beating Brain Cancer

07/28/2011 | Neuroscience

At the age of 17, you’re looking to the future. You imagine yourself in college, at a new job or in a new town. You look ahead and see nothing but potential. Then one day, you wake up and your whole perspective changes. It happened to Travis Weir. In his late teens, he woke up one morning and couldn’t see. An MRI revealed a brain tumor. The very next day, he had surgery to remove the tumor. A short time later, tests revealed it had grown back and Dr. Scott Shapiro, a neurosurgeon with…

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Collaborations for new discoveries and innovations in neuroscience

07/25/2011 | Neuroscience

Your brain works with your entire nervous system to send signals to different parts of your body. This collaboration allows you to solve problems, share thoughts, make new discoveries, and well, do just about everything. Without this collaboration, you wouldn’t be able to function at your highest level. The same is true when it comes to diagnosing and treating neurological conditions such as brain cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke. Only through collaboration can we make new discoveries…

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Surviving A Stroke: A Race Against Time

06/16/2011 | Neuroscience

For more information about strokes, possible risk factors and life after a stroke, visit IU Health Stroke Services.

You may have heard the saying "Time lost is brain lost" in reference to strokes, and sadly, this saying has never been more true. Some 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year, making it the #1 cause of disability and the #3 leading cause of death in the U.S. But there are things you can do to limit the damage caused by a stroke. The most important is to know how to recognize a stroke. Symptoms include: Numbness or weakness in a person’s face, arm or leg — especially if it affects…

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Ft. Wayne Man Undergoes Groundbreaking Procedure to Remove Brain Tumor

01/21/2011 | Treatments & ServicesNeuroscience

Imagine having a life-threatening brain tumor that’s causing you to go blind. Now, imagine you’re 34 years old with a wife and son—and you’ve been given two years to live. This was the situation Indiana farmer Jeff Bulmahn faced in September 2009. Having been told his tumor was inoperable, he refused to accept the diagnosis and sought a crucial second opinion. He eventually found hope at Indiana University Health Neuroscience. Here, Bulmahn met with Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol,…

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