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Special brain surgery helps young newlywed couple rebound from devastating disorder

06/17/2014 | NeurosciencePatient Stories

At an age when most young couples are planning their futures together, Travis and Tricia were faced with the challenge of a permanent disability caused by a “brain attack." Suddenly, Travis—an athletic 24-year-old—could no longer stand, walk, read or shower on his own. It all began when Tricia Metzger received an urgent phone call from her boyfriend, Travis Osting. The call came just as she was getting ready to head home after working a night shift as a nurse at a local hospital.…

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Man sees another Father’s Day thanks to an artificial heart and a timely transplant

06/13/2014 | CardiovascularPatient Stories

Pat O’Hara didn’t expect to see another Father’s Day. This time last year, the 59-year-old Silver Lake, Indiana resident was knocking on death’s door with blue fingertips caused by a lack of sufficient blood flow from his failing heart. Unhealthy hearts run through Pat’s family and he had already seen two of his siblings die from heart failure. And, last spring, he began to fear he would be next. He had a few months left to live unless he received a heart transplant,…

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Bev’s Story | Beating Breast Cancer

07/10/2012 | StoriesPatient StoriesTreatments & ServicesCancer

Bev Wagner knew the importance of regular check-ups to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is why every year for about the past 20 years, Bev visited her doctor for regular mammograms. However, after a regularly scheduled check-up Bev received a phone call immediately following her routine mammogram. Bev knew this wasn’t normal and something wasn’t right - she was correct. At the age of 73, Bev was diagnosed with breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is…

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Calista’s Story | Standing Up to Back Pain

10/05/2011 | StoriesPatient StoriesStories of StrengthTreatments & ServicesNeuroscienceOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

From time to time, we all experience aches and pains. But for Calista White, severe back pain was part of her daily life. Calista was born with a congenital muscle and spine disorder that causes her to ache and limits her mobility. And her pain only worsened when her spine began to collapse and pinch her nerves. “It feels like you shouldn’t be standing up,” she explained, “It is like someone has a sharp sword down your leg.” Eventually, Calista decided to stand up to…

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Meet David - A Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program (Non-Surgical) Patient

09/23/2011 | StoriesPatient StoriesWellnessBariatric & Medical Weight Loss

Meet David. He is a patient in the IU Health Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss "Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program", which is our non-surgical weight loss program. Follow his journey on our blog and our Patient Stories website page. He also has his own blog (, which he encourages you to visit.  Meet David Here is his story: I went to my family doctor for back pain on April 28th, 2011, where they weighed me on their fancy-dancy scale at 412 pounds...four hundred...and twelve...pounds;…

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Cory’s Story

06/21/2011 | StoriesPatient StoriesStories of Strength

Most people don’t survive car accidents like the one that nearly took Cory Suits’ life. The last thing he remembers is sitting in the middle of the back seat of the car he was riding in, looking down and then seeing the street light. "A couple seconds later we were all upside down fighting for our lives," he says about his horrific car accident on April 20, 2007. The Indiana University Health LifeLine team transported Cory to the Level I Trauma Center at IU Health Methodist Hospital.…

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