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Build a Better Relationship with Your Child’s Coach

11/21/2013 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicinePediatrics

Helping kids learn how to win and lose with grace is one of the benefits of youth sports. In a culture obsessed with winning, some parents ruin that lesson by living vicariously through their child’s wins and losses or putting too much emphasis on outcomes. As a president of the Avon Junior Athletic Association and business director of Indiana University Health Sports Performance & Sports Medicine Outreach, F. Scott Handlon says good communication helps coaches and parents foster a relationship…

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Sports Help Kids Gain Life Skills

11/19/2013 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicinePediatrics

Sports are a huge draw for American kids. At any given time, an estimated 21.5 million American students age 6 to 17 are involved in organized sports, according to a survey by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. If your child is involved in youth sports, then you know it can become a huge part of their identity—and yours. Understandably, parents have a big emotional and financial investment in their child’s sports participation, according to F. Scott Handlon, business director,…

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Does Nutrition Affect Autism?

02/27/2013 | Pediatrics

Children with autism can present with unique nutritional challenges and nutritional deficiencies have been described in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).  In addition to nutrition deficiencies, obesity has also been well-described to occur with ASDs.  As a result, routine health maintenance with your family physician or Pediatrician is essential to ensuring appropriate nutritional support for a child with ASD.  Routine doctor visits allow for consistent measurement of…

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Kids’ Stomach Aches

08/03/2012 | Treatments & ServicesPediatrics

Tummy Trouble  Picture this: you’re all set to leave for the morning and one of your children announces, “I have a stomach ache!” Any parent of young children can relate to the confusing nature of children’s stomach pains. You may wonder: Is it serious? Just a stomach bug? Did they eat something that made them ill? Or are they just trying to get out of going to school? It’s time to play digestive detective. First, consider your child’s behavior. Is your child…

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Healthy Snack Ideas from Riley POWER Program

06/09/2012 | Treatments & ServicesPediatrics

More healthy tips from the "Healthy Habits, Healthy Kids." Healthy Snacks for an Active Summer: String cheese and a piece of fruit Yogurt smoothies 100% Juice frozen fruit bars Handful of frozen grapes or other fresh fruit Veggies and low fat dip Low-fat popcorn Vanilla wafers, whole grain crackers, fat free graham crackers or animal crackers with 1% or skim milk Indiana Fruits & Vegetables in Season in June: Asparagus Collards Green Peas Mushrooms Radishes Lettuce Strawberries Spinach Turnips

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