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Break the mold when you work out.

Non-Traditional Places to Work Out: 5 Gyms that Break the Mold in Indianapolis

05/12/2015 | WellnessExercisePhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

As summer approaches, the minds of many turn to one thing: getting in shape. For Hoosiers living in Indianapolis, the options to lose a few pounds and gain a little muscle are many. Sometimes, traditional gyms can be a little daunting. Finding a gym or other place to get in shape that’s a fit for your lifestyle and personality can be a real challenge. Here are five options that will get you up and moving. IU Health Sports Performance Center In addition to high quality medical care, IU Health…

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Be Well Aquatic Exercise

04/30/2015 | ExercisePhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

If you enjoy swimming and exercising, aquatic exercise is something you may like to try. Why exercise in warm water? Warm water helps to decrease pain and increase ease of movement.  Clients can work on strength, balance, stretching, posture and ambulation.  The buoyancy of water decreases the loading on joints, so it is less painful to exercise.  What is the pool like? The water is 93 degrees for therapeutic benefit.  The depth of the pool ranges from 3 to 7 feet for differing…

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What to expect after hip replacement

04/03/2015 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicinePhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Many people delay hip replacement, fearing pain and a temporary loss of independence during recovery. As a physical therapist who helps patients recover from hip replacements and other elective orthopedic surgeries, Patrick Morgan, DPT, says his patients are often surprised that they recover sooner, with better results and less pain than they expected. “There is more space for swelling and inflammation to go in hip replacement than with other joint replacements,” says Morgan, who works…

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Running and Its Transformative Features

03/19/2015 | Orthopedics & Sports MedicinePhysical Therapy & RehabilitationEvents

Running is a simple exercise with several benefits. Behind cross-country skiing, running comes second for burning the most calories in one mile. On average, an individual burns 100 calories per mile they run. It is a cheap, high-intensity work out that requires little equipment that can be done at any time of the day. What happens to your body when you run? Running might not be enjoyable at first, and here’s why! The initial burst of energy you feel is adenosine triphosphate, or the energy…

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Balance and Falls Safety Resources Available Locally

11/06/2014 | SafetyPhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

What should I do if I am feeling off balance or am becoming more fearful of falling? New symptoms of imbalance, weakness or difficulty with mobility should be investigated by your doctor or medical professional.  A physical therapist, trained to treat imbalance and dizziness can then work with you to decrease your fear of and risk for falls.  The therapist can complete a thorough evaluation and assess why you are having imbalance as well as whether you are at an increased risk of a fall. …

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Nine simple exercises to help seniors avoid falls

10/27/2014 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicinePhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Count yourself lucky if you fall without breaking a bone, especially if you’re over the age of 70. Falling is a serious trauma to the body at any age, but even more so for seniors. If you’ve recently had a fall, consider asking your physician for an evaluation to identify any balance issues. Many weaknesses related to poor balance can be addressed through physical therapy or strengthening exercises, according to Barbara Carusillo, PT, OCS, COMT, a physical therapist at IU Health Rehabilitation…

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Nine things that put seniors at risk for a fall

10/22/2014 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicinePhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

One of the most noticeable effects of aging is a decline in the body’s natural ability to stand upright and balanced. There are as many reasons for poor balance as there are medical conditions, from heart arrhythmia and vestibular problems (parts of the inner ear and brain that control balance), to low blood pressure and dehydration. Reactions to drugs can also cause dizziness that affects balance. All these factors explain why falls are the leading cause of death in people over 75. “By…

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What is a Functional Movement Screen?

10/08/2014 | SafetyOrthopedics & Sports MedicinePhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

What is FMS? The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a series of tests designed to assess movement patterns and identify risk factors for injury, so they can be addressed before they lead to problems. Research has shown that when used as part of a preseason screening program FMS scores can predict injury risk. Who is it used for? The FMS is designed for individuals who are not currently injured. It is a great tool for athletes of all ages and levels from beginners to professionals. In fact, several…

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13 ways to cope with arthritis

09/22/2014 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicinePhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Staying active and managing pain can make a big difference in overall health for people who have osteoarthritis, according to Barbara Carusillo, PT, OCS, COMT, a physical therapist at IU Health Rehabilitation Services. “If your pain is so bad that you can only walk for five to ten minutes at a time, your cardiovascular health is going to decline,” says Carusillo. “We once thought rest was better than exercise for arthritis, but we’ve learned that moderate exercise can…

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Three ways to maintain healthy joints

09/15/2014 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports MedicinePhysical Therapy & Rehabilitation

It’s easy to succumb to the idea that nothing can be done about osteoarthritis. Learning to live with it may seem like the only alternative, but that’s just not so, according to Barbara Carusillo, PT, OCS, a physical therapist at IU Health Rehabilitation Services. “Most of the time, osteoarthritis doesn’t just fall from the sky and land in the joint,” she says. “Much of it is due to some kind of injury or biomechanical issue where people lack proper alignment or…

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