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What to expect when you call for an ambulance

03/10/2015 | WellnessSafetyPlastic Surgery

It’s something we see every day on television and in the movies, yet we don’t want to think about it really happening to us — needing an ambulance. While we hope you never have to face a medical emergency, being even a little prepared can go a long way in helping the outcome. What you can do now. Know where your cell phone is at all times and keep it charged. Have multiple chargers throughout your house so you always have a full battery. Keep a current and complete list of…

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Mission Trip to Kenya

05/01/2012 | Treatments & ServicesPlastic Surgery

I recently had the honor of traveling with a team of surgeons, led by Dr. Taha Shipchandler, to Eldoret, Kenya to perform numerous facial plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to help children and adults who typically would wait months, if not years, to have surgery. I was amazed at the sheer gratitude and unwavering patience the Kenyan people displayed as they would wait hours to get 5-10 minutes to meet with one of the surgeons on our team. It…

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