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Child Safety During the Holidays

12/19/2013 | Safety

There are many precautions to take around the holiday season regarding the safety of children. Many decorating items and gifts can be hazardous to your child’s safety but if you plan correctly, you can keep your child safe this holiday season. Many parents don’t consider the below when prepping for the holiday season but these tips can help keep your child healthy and safe throughout the season. Be cautious while decorating. If you have toddlers in your home, consider setting up a tabletop…

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When and Where to Seek Immediate Care

08/20/2013 | IU Health PhysiciansSafetyRace for the Cure

When illness or injury strikes suddenly, it’s often hard to know whether to seek immediate care or to call your primary care doctor. The decision becomes even more complicated if it happens after hours or on a weekend. To help make the most informed choice during these circumstances, it’s important to know some basic guidelines for when and where to seek medical care. A true medical emergency is generally a condition that threatens a person’s life, limbs or sense organs. Most medical…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Primary Care Visit

07/22/2013 | IU Health PhysiciansSafety

Your primary care provider (PCP) is more than just someone to call when you’re sick — your PCP is your partner in maintaining and optimizing your health. So that’s why it’s vital that you take an active role in that partnership. Scheduling routine checkups is the first step. But the extent to which you prepare for your visit can help determine your success in the ongoing management of your health and wellbeing. Here’s a checklist to help you make the most of your visit:…

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Be Safe While Camping

07/03/2013 | Safety

From bug bites to scraps to fires, camping can throw many obstacles at your family. Fortunately, being prepared is easier than you think just by following these tips before you go: If you are camping with children who have not been camping, try a backyard campout first to introduce them to tents, bugs and campfires. You can teach them about camping safety and avoid surprises once you go on vacation.   Avoid chemicals in bug repellent by making your own bug spray. For instance, repel ticks by…

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Pack a Summer Health and Safety Kit

05/20/2013 | IU Health PhysiciansSafety

With warmer weather approaching, families are making summer travel plans and spending more time away from home enjoying the outdoors. To ensure your family stays safe and healthy while on the road this summer, be certain you have the right first aid supplies and safety gear with you. Here are some helpful hints for things to include in your summertime “go” bag: Small first aid kit – Include bandages and gauze, antiseptic and antibiotic ointments, anti-itch cream, antihistamines,…

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Adult Vaccinations: Are You Up To Date?

04/02/2013 | IU Health PhysiciansSafety

Vaccinations are most often associated with young children; however, adults also need vaccines to stay healthy. Vaccines cause the body to produce antibodies to fight infection and prevent disease. Depending on the disease, vaccines can provide lifelong immunity or maintain their effectiveness with “boosters” received over time. Today’s vaccines are very safe, and side effects are generally minor. Vaccines are administered by injection in the muscle or fatty tissue, usually in the…

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Finding Reliable Health Information Online

02/25/2013 | Safety

When you’re ill, it’s tempting to search the internet to find out why you don’t feel well. However, self-diagnosis comes with risks, including missing important symptoms or imagining new symptoms. Both mistakes can lead to incorrect diagnosis and treatment. However, the internet can useful in other ways when it comes to health. Follow these tips on how and when to use the web for healthcare information. Use a reliable source. Many reputable hospitals and organizations have websites…

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Spring Break: What You Need to Know Before You Go

02/18/2013 | WellnessSafetyIU Health Physicians

Passport? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Hep A vaccination? What?   The truth about preparing for travel, especially international travel, is that you should consider much more than what to pack in your suitcase. From insect-borne diseases to food preparation hygiene, threats to your good health are greater than ever during travel. My advice? Do some research, prepare, and involve your health care provider early. First, let’s start with some general guidelines for even short trips. Aircraft humidity…

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Playing it Safe in Cold Weather

01/31/2013 | WellnessSafety

When the colder temperatures set in, it’s hard for children and adults to be cooped up inside all the time. But before you head outdoors for some winter-time fun, be sure to review these easy tips for keeping children safe in cold weather. Don’t skip the sunscreen: It may be freezing outside, but the exposed skin on your child’s face still needs protection.  Snow reflects more than 75% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, so make sure your child is wearing sunscreen…

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Be Safe on Halloween

10/26/2012 | WellnessSafety

(Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock)

Many of us will be dressing our kids up on Halloween to go trick-or-treating. In fact, costumes and candy have been a topic of discussion for several weeks. Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health wants your family to be safe this year!   Here are some safety tips for adults and kids! For Adults: Always follow the trick-or-treating rules of your city. If you’re driving Halloween evening, be sure to slow down and watch out for darting trick-or-treaters. Also be careful…

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