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Review Car Seat Safety Guidelines Before Road Trips

03/15/2016 | WellnessSafety

Before heading out for spring break, it is important to take the time to make sure your child is in the correct car seat. Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death in children ages 1 to 14. The right car seat can mean the difference between a few cuts and much more serious injuries. Nearly three out of every four car seats are being used improperly. By educating yourself on car seat guidelines, you’ll be able to make better choices to protect your child. Here are some general…

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What to Do If Someone Has a Seizure

09/22/2015 | WellnessSafety

Seizures are much more common than you might think. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 10 people will have a seizure at some point in their life. Therefore, you are likely to be present during a seizure emergency. Signs of a Seizure: Sudden, uncontrollable movements of limbs Falling down Confusion Inability to speak or difficulty speaking According to the CDC, if someone you know is showing signs of a seizure, here is what you can do to help: Move them gently to the floor and lay them…

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Heat Safety

07/23/2015 | ExerciseSafety

Summer is a time for swimming, relaxing and fun in the sun, time to play outside and enjoy the beautiful sunny day. Although, they say sunshine is good for you heat from the sun can be harmful. It is important to be careful on those hot summer days. Too much heat can cause you to pass out, get weak or cramp up. What are the health impacts of extreme heat?         Most heat – related illnesses occur when victims have been overexposed to heat or have over…

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10 Firework Safety Tips Just in Time For the 4th of July

06/29/2015 | WellnessSafety

Every year on the Fourth of July, millions of Americans celebrate the independence of our nation by watching firework displays. Some Americans celebrate by lighting off fireworks of their own. If you plan on lighting off your own fireworks this year, here are 10 safety tips you have to follow: 1. Obey the law. Do not purchase illegal fireworks, transport fireworks into places where they are illegal, or bring fireworks onto an airplane. When dealing with fireworks, always use them within the boundaries…

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Not Just For Fashion- 5 Ways Sunglasses Keep Your Eyes Healthy

06/16/2015 | WellnessSafety

Sunglasses are one of the most popular fashion accessories. We all have our favorite styles and brands- sleek and stylish, chunky and fashionable, and every other shape, size, and color out there. Sunglasses can also be an important part of maintaining healthy eyes. Overexposure to UV-A and UV-B radiation causes damage to the skin around your eyes and the eyes themselves. You can damage the surface of your eyes the same way you can get sunburned. Exposure to sunlight over the years can lead to vision…

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3 Potential Health Dangers of Using Gel Nail Polish During Your Manicure

05/29/2015 | WellnessSafety

Do you love getting your nails manicured? You probably never thought that you were doing anything dangerous. However, new research has shown that gel nail polish manicures may not be completely safe. Here are three potential dangers from using gel nail polish during your manicure. 1. The way gel nails are dried could potentially cause skin cancer. The UV (ultraviolet) light used to dry nails can slightly increase the risk of skin cancer. 2. Research shows that gel manicures require fingers and nails…

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What to expect when you call for an ambulance

03/10/2015 | WellnessSafetyPlastic Surgery

It’s something we see every day on television and in the movies, yet we don’t want to think about it really happening to us — needing an ambulance. While we hope you never have to face a medical emergency, being even a little prepared can go a long way in helping the outcome. What you can do now. Know where your cell phone is at all times and keep it charged. Have multiple chargers throughout your house so you always have a full battery. Keep a current and complete list of…

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How to Safely Warm Your Home

02/02/2015 | WellnessSafety

With snaps of frigid weather, people look for affordable ways to stay warm inside their homes and when they venture outdoors. As furnaces work overtime in the colder months and often beyond their capacity, some people turn to alternative heating methods. As temperatures drop, home fires increase. Our partners at MESH, Inc. reported that while space heaters, fireplaces and stoves provide supplementary heat in a cost-effective way, they also present a real danger to homes and offices. Citing the U.S.…

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The Colts Prepare for the Broncos and High Altitude

01/08/2015 | CommunityWellnessSafety

The Indianapolis Colts head to Denver for what’s surely to be an epic post-season game. Andrew Luck has emerged from Peyton Manning’s shadow in the hearts of Indianapolis fans and demonstrated he’s ready meet #18 again. But what about a quieter threat Denver has been known to deliver? High altitude. Denver, otherwise known at the Mile High City, truly rises exactly one mile above sea level—5,280 feet. The higher altitude poses an invisible threat to athletes and fans alike…

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