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5 Tips for a Better Night’s Rest

08/19/2014 | WellnessSleep Disorders

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night or yawning all day at work, you may not be practicing good sleep hygiene. Sleep problems can lead to a higher risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Protect your health and rest easier each night by following these tips for a better night of sleep: Create an environment to promote sleep. You sleep better in a cool, dark and quiet room. Use a fan or white noise machine to help drown out other distracting noises. You can also try blackout…

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Is Napping Helpful or Harmful?

08/16/2014 | WellnessSleep Disorders

After a busy day at work or running weekend errands, a quick power nap may seem like just the thing you need to get through the day. By catching a few minutes of shuteye, you can relieve daytime sleepiness, reduce fatigue and face the day with greater energy. With so many benefits associated with napping, it may be hard to believe that there are also downsides to a midday rest. However, depending on your sleep patterns and routine, napping may be more harmful than helpful to your overall health.…

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Four Surprising Ways Sleep Affects Your Health

08/08/2014 | WellnessSleep Disorders

The difference between a good night’s rest and a night where you toss and turn constantly can mean a higher level of productivity at work, less stress and a clearer head to aid learning and memory. Despite the clear importance of a full night’s sleep, it can be difficult to get the rest you need. You may go through your routine running on four or five hours of moderate sleep every night, but what you don’t know is how a lack of sleep can affect your health. To help you understand…

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Your Food Guide to Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

08/02/2014 | WellnessSleep Disorders

Getting a good night sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is important for allowing your nervous system to function properly. This is why when you don’t get enough sleep at night, you feel drowsy and have a hard time concentrating the next day. Sleep allows you to relax from your day and rejuvenate yourself for the start of the next. And as an added bonus getting a good night’s rest will help motivate you to make other healthy choices throughout the rest of your…

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Will You be Affected by the Upcoming Time Change?

10/31/2012 | WellnessSleep Disorders


Fall Back to Sleep Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, Nov. 4, at 2 a.m. and just as the old adage says, we will “fall back” one hour. For some, having an extra hour to sleep is good news. For others, even a single hour change can upset natural sleeping rhythms. Every one of us has a natural, 24-hour cycle called a circadian rhythm which is affected by external cues, such as daylight. When we move our household clocks as Daylight Savings Time ends, it can disrupt our internal clock…

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Sleep Better: What You Need to Know About Your Dreams

12/12/2011 | WellnessSleep Disorders

Many of us accept that getting a good night’s sleep is difficult to achieve. Let’s face it. Most of us struggle with getting even close to the amount of sleep we should be getting. From crying kids and back pain, to stress at work and home, it’s no wonder people find it difficult to relax and sleep well. Close to one-third of Americans have a sleeping disorder. Everyone dreams, typically two hours each night, even if we don’t remember it. Dreams are images, thoughts, sounds,…

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In Search of the Perfect Night’s Sleep

11/21/2011 | Sleep Disorders

Sleep is one of the basic human needs. Although average sleep needs vary, the fact is that all humans require sleep as much as they require eating, drinking and breathing. Getting enough rest improves mood, memory, appetite regularity, and even stress and depression levels. Here are some of the most important reasons to hit the pillow and give your body the rest it needs: 

Sleep for a healthy heart: Your cardiovascular system is hard at work all day and needs to rest in the form of sleep…

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How a Lack of Sleep Can Cause Overeating and Weight Gain

09/14/2011 | Sleep Disorders

Sleep. It’s Mother Nature’s way of regenerating and rejuvenating the body. Think of it as a debt card. The more you add into your “sleep account” the better off you are. Diminish it too much and you’re more likely to overeat and gain weight. Why? Because the more tired you are, the more likely you’ll crave unhealthy comfort foods and the less likely you are to workout. Too little sleep can also cause memory problems, weaken your immune system and increase your…

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Kids Losing Sleep Over Violent TV

09/10/2011 | Sleep Disorders

Fall television programming is returning soon and with all the new shows coming our way it's a good time to think about the TV our kids watch. The American Academy of Pediatrics has set forth recommendations for children and television. They suggest that children under 2 not watch television at all. Children over that age should not watch more than 2 hours of TV a day. TV, video games and movies in moderation can be fine, but the amount and timing of these activities can greatly influence your…

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The Importance Of Sleep

07/01/2011 | Sleep Disorders

How many times when you were growing up did your mother explain to you the importance of sleep? Sometimes it was masked with “it will make you big and strong” or with “you need your beauty sleep”, but the fact remains, as in most situations, mother knows best. With our lives as busy as ever, missing out on sleep is where a lot of people try to catch up on the laundry, surfing the web, or simply vegging out in front of the television. We know the importance of sleep and know…

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