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New Interactive Resources at IU Health Let Patients Research Their Conditions

06/13/2013 | Technologies

Doctors have long had mixed feelings about patients who show up for their appointments with armloads of Internet research. The tendency to self-diagnose based on web-based research has even spawned a whole new term: cyberchondriac. Most medical experts realize that online research by patients is here to stay—and that can be a good thing because informed people who use credible sources are more prepared to take an active role in their own wellness. Learning how other people resolve their health…

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Jeff Overcame a Rare Brain Tumor with Surgery and Proton Therapy

05/11/2012 | InnovationsTechnologiesTreatments & ServicesNeuroscience

When 56-year-old Jeff Graf thought he was having a stroke, he knew he needed to get help right away. And although doctors quickly ruled out stroke, test results revealed an equally menacing diagnosis: a rare tumor growing deep inside his brain. Facing an uphill battle, Jeff turned to the experts at Indiana University Health for answers. Here, the electrician from Greentown, Indiana, found a team of specialists, advanced treatment options and a level of care that few hospitals across the country could…

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Brain Neuromonitoring: Recording the Electrical Activity In Your Brain

03/13/2012 | InnovationsTechnologiesLatest from our LeadersIU Health PhysiciansTreatments & ServicesNeuroscience

Imagine if your loved one was having uncontrolled seizures, but you didn’t know it. There were no symptoms or warning signs, yet potential brain damage was occurring with each of these “silent” seizures. For most of us, this would be devastating. But what if your loved one could be at a place where someone was watching their brainwaves all the time, making sure they received immediate treatment when these silent seizures occurred? IU Health Neuroscience is the only program in the…

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Indiana University Health Medication Tracker

07/06/2011 | InnovationsTechnologiesTreatments & Services

We want to give you the best and safest experience possible when you are in our medical care. That’s why we created the IU Medication Tracker. It is our responsibility as your healthcare provider to ensure we are aware of all the medications you are taking, both prescribed and over-the-counter drugs. The more information you can give us, the better able we are to help you. The IU Medication Tracker helps you and your doctor and nurses effectively monitor your medical health. Filling out a medication…

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