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Spring Break: How to Work in Exercise on Vacation

03/23/2015 | WellnessExercise

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is often a key element to sticking to that exercise program. Disruptions to that routine often cause fitness buffs to fall completely off of the exercise wagon. One of the biggest routine disruptors out there is vacation. When you go on vacation, you are taking time away from the things you do everyday- including exercise. If you want to stay on track with your fitness program while taking a vacation, follow these steps: Bring Workout Clothes. It’s…

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How Much Coffee is Too Much?

03/20/2015 | WellnessHealthy Eating

In the United States, we love coffee. 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink a cup or two or more of java every day. The reasons for coffee’s popularity are simple: it tastes good and makes you feel more alert. The caffeine in coffee is what truly makes it the preferred wake-me-up of people all over the world. Caffeine makes you feel more energetic and awake for a short time after drinking it. Hardcore coffee addicts love the caffeinated feeling so much that they turn to the really hard…

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The Effects of Caffeine and Withdrawal

The Effects of Caffeine and Withdrawal

03/18/2015 | Wellness

Have you ever ridden the teeter-totter of caffeine, trying to balance just the right amount to get the boost you need without the jittery effects? You are not alone. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that 80% of adults in the U.S. consume caffeine every day, with an average intake of 200 mg per day.  March marks Caffeine Awareness Month, and we look at how caffeine affects the body–both from consumption and withdrawal. Coffee and tea lovers grab this central nervous…

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Ideal Female Body Image

How Has the ‘Ideal’ Female Body Changed through the Years?

03/11/2015 | Wellness

The plump women admired in paintings throughout most of history fall far short of today’s idolized—and much smaller—female frame. The images consumed in mainstream media have guided and continue to mold the idealized body type. “The media present countless images via ads with impossibly thin models as well as an overwhelming number of ads for weight loss programs, fad diets, medications and quick-fix miracles for weight loss,” says Anna King, a registered dietician at…

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What to expect when you call for an ambulance

03/10/2015 | WellnessSafetyPlastic Surgery

It’s something we see every day on television and in the movies, yet we don’t want to think about it really happening to us — needing an ambulance. While we hope you never have to face a medical emergency, being even a little prepared can go a long way in helping the outcome. What you can do now. Know where your cell phone is at all times and keep it charged. Have multiple chargers throughout your house so you always have a full battery. Keep a current and complete list of…

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How Much Activity Do You Need Each Day to Keep Your Heart Healthy?

03/04/2015 | WellnessExerciseCardiovascular

When you hear health professionals talk about keeping your heart healthy, they tend give two general pieces of advice over and over again: eat right and exercise. There are a lot of great guides out there on what to eat for a healthy heart. What they often exclude is just how much exercise you actually need to keep your heart as healthy as possible. How Much Exercise Do You Really Need? If you do not already maintain a regular exercise schedule, making time for exercise can seem daunting. Fortunately,…

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Good Cholesterol, Bad Cholesterol and Everything In Between

02/10/2015 | WellnessHealthy EatingWomen's Health

If you try to eat healthy, nutritional trends can be confusing. Fat was bad for you. Now it’s good for you, but only if it’s the right kind of fat. Are carbs bad for you? What about gluten? One of the most confusing topics to many in regards to nutrition is cholesterol. It seems like every article you read about cholesterol says something different. So what are the facts? Let’s examine: What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in every part of your body. It is…

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Great Resources to Get In Shape in Indiana

02/06/2015 | WellnessExerciseGarden on the Go

Was your New Year’s Resolution to finally get fit or lose a few pounds? Well it’s time for a New Year’s Resolution check-in. If you have stuck to your resolution so far: great. If not, we are here to help. We have assembled some resources to help Hoosiers achieve their fitness resolutions and get in shape. Whether you want to lose weight, clean up your diet, build strength, or just be more active, here are some of the best places in Indiana to make your resolution a reality. IU…

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How Cold Weather Affects Your Health

02/03/2015 | Wellness

It’s the middle of winter, and physically, you are probably feeling it. Cold weather, especially when it’s really frigid (think sub 20 degrees) can, quite literally, hurt. The cold can have a dramatic affect on your health and wellness. How, exactly, does cold weather impact your body?   The Winter Blues Changes in the weather can affect your mental health. Many people report experiencing a greater tendency towards depression when it’s cold outside. It should be noted that…

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How to Safely Warm Your Home

02/02/2015 | WellnessSafety

With snaps of frigid weather, people look for affordable ways to stay warm inside their homes and when they venture outdoors. As furnaces work overtime in the colder months and often beyond their capacity, some people turn to alternative heating methods. As temperatures drop, home fires increase. Our partners at MESH, Inc. reported that while space heaters, fireplaces and stoves provide supplementary heat in a cost-effective way, they also present a real danger to homes and offices. Citing the U.S.…

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