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Playing it Safe in Cold Weather

01/31/2013 | WellnessSafety

When the colder temperatures set in, it’s hard for children and adults to be cooped up inside all the time. But before you head outdoors for some winter-time fun, be sure to review these easy tips for keeping children safe in cold weather. Don’t skip the sunscreen: It may be freezing outside, but the exposed skin on your child’s face still needs protection.  Snow reflects more than 75% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, so make sure your child is wearing sunscreen…

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But I can’t dance: six tips for first-time Zumba students

01/24/2013 | Treatments & ServicesOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

Zumba instructors at IU Health Sports Performance, left to right: Sarah Moore, Josie McKay and Kimberly Hastings

Despite the rising popularity of Zumba, there’s a common refrain that inhibits many would-be students from this dance-fitness format: “I don’t know how to dance.” As a part-time physical therapist who teaches three Zumba classes a week, Kim Hastings has a response to that.  “It’s something anyone can do—even if you don’t have a background in dance or you’re self-conscious about dancing.” Hastings is a former ballroom dancer who incorporates…

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How to Prevent Lawn Mowing Injuries

06/07/2012 | WellnessSafety

Lawn mowers are one of the most dangerous tools we have around our homes as too often children are victims of lawn mowing accidents. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), approximately 9,400 children under age 18 receive emergency care each year for lawn mower-related injuries. While older kids and adolescents are injured more often, about one-fourth of those injuries are to children under age 5. The most common injuries associated with lawn mowing accidents include deep cuts, fractures,…

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Tips For Keeping Healthy And Happy On Your Cruise

01/25/2012 | WellnessSafety

Cruise vacations are an appealing getaway to many couples and families for the excellent adventure, quality bonding time, soothing relaxation, and money-saving value they provide. But as with most other forms of travel, staying healthy on a cruise ship is often easier said than done. Cruisers are frequently exposed to an overwhelming smorgasboard of new foods and drinks, along with extra doses of busy activities and sunshine. Travelers often must venture through crowded public transit, laden…

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5 Ways To Stay On the Slopes and Out of A Cast

01/21/2012 | ExerciseSafetyOrthopedics & Sports Medicine

Snow has come to our region and to many other places across the country. When the snow lands, adults and children alike bundle up and hit the slopes. Sledding, skiing and snowboarding are a great form of exercise, but also pose the potential risk of injuries. “One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your children while sledding is to ‘plan strategically’,” said Dr. Kevin Gebke, a family and sports medicine physician at Indiana University Health. “Last winter,…

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Stay Safe With These Winter Driving Tips

01/05/2012 | Safety

The weather changes quickly in the winter. This means you can find yourself in icy, windy or snowy conditions in no time. Being prepared for winter-weather driving can help save your life or the life of another driver. Even minor accidents can cause neck and spine injuries. More serious accidents can break bones, cause major head trauma and be fatal. In 2010 there were 32,885 deaths from motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. That number has been steadily falling for years as car safety improves. In addition,…

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Five Tips To Protect Your Hearing


While irreversible progressive hearing loss is not at all uncommon as people age, there is good news: There are many measures you can take to protect your sense of hearing. Check out the following tips for hearing protection below, and be sure to make time to visit an IU Health Audiologist when you have any questions or concerns about your hearing needs. If you’re shouting to be heard, it’s too loud. This is a nice rule of thumb to follow when it comes to understanding what noise levels…

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Our Responsibility to do the Right Thing

11/17/2011 | CommunityAnnouncementsLatest from our LeadersDan Evans

The furor surrounding the events unfolding at Penn State is sobering and should cause each and every one of us to pause. Do we individually and collectively do the right thing each and every day? At IU Health our values include working in a community of colleagues who share mutual trust and respect. Yet we know that many of our colleagues have personally witnessed an event or behavior inconsistent with that value and do nothing about it. Why? Are we afraid? Do we believe nothing will happen? Do we…

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CA Law Bans Minors From Tanning Beds, Should You Consider The Same Rule For Your House?

11/04/2011 | Treatments & ServicesCancerWellnessSafety

As the days are getting shorter and winter approaches, you might be thinking of ways to hang on to summertime fun. You may even be thinking about visits to a tanning bed. Well, there are some facts you should know about the risks of tanning and the new laws being implemented in some states. Beginning January 1, 2012, anyone under the age of 18 living in California will not be allowed to visit a tanning bed. This is a change in previous state law where 15-17 year olds could use a tanning salon with…

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Is Your Job Making You Sick?


With nearly every workplace being scaled back in recent years too many people are being asked to do a job two or three people would have done just a few years ago. This can lead to a decline in mental and physical health. This claim is supported by a recent study in the Journal of Applied Psychology which cites that perceived unfairnesses in the workplace, be they promotions, raises or special treatment, is leading to anxiety and depression among many workers. Read 4 Ways To Reduce Stress or Anxiety…

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